The first-ever, International 3D Society "Lumiere Awards" were bestowed tonight at Hollywood's Mann Chinese Theater, honoring talent -- both in front of and behind the cameras-- within the rapidly burgeoning 3D filmmaking industry. Avatar walked away with six "Lumiere Awards" and the first-ever "People's Choice Award for Favorite 3D Movie - Live Action" during the event, with that film's co-star, Giovanni Ribisi, accepting on behalf of the filmmakers. Based in Los Angeles, the newly formed International 3D Society serves the 3D community with education and recognition for stereoscopic 3D professionals.

Actor Brendan Fraser was the recipient of the International 3D Society's "3D Talent" Award during this evening's event. Fraser was honored for his work as both actor and executive producer of the highly successful 3D feature film Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3D. The International 3D Society also recognized Jeffrey Katzenberg, 3D visionary and CEO of DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc. Katzenberg and DreamWorks Animation were presented with the prestigious "3DVision" Award.

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Eleven additional "Lumiere Awards" and two first-ever "People's Choice Awards in 3D" were given out during ceremonies in which over 400 people, including leading entertainment industry producers, directors, performers, and technology company executives, were in attendance. The additional award winners were:

Additionally, the International 3D Society had previously partnered with the People's Choice™ Awards, where nominees in the category of "People's Choice™ Awards in 3D" were announced during the January 6, 2010, telecast of that event. Fans voted online through January 20th, selecting the two, first-ever "People's Choice™ Awards in 3D" winners below:

International 3D Society president Jim Chabin stated, "The presentation of the First Annual International 3D Awards has marked an historical milestone. They represent the first time in motion picture history that achievement in the 3D art form has been recognized. We believe tonight's event was just the beginning of a lasting and appropriate recognition of 3D professionals by the international filmmaking community."

3D Awards Co-Chair and Board of Governors member Charlotte Huggins, a film producer with Salient Features, remarked, "For those of us who've worked in 3D and labored to bring magic to the screen, 2009 was an incredible year, and 2010 promises to top even our wildest expectations." Added Awards Co-Chair and First-Vice Chair Lenny Lipton, president, Oculus3D, "For a long time, many have wanted to create an appropriate recognition for outstanding achievement in the spectacular medium of 3D. With the support of a great many, the establishment of the new International 3D Society represents the first community to finally accomplish the bestowing of appropriate awards."

During the awards event, the International 3D Society thanked its Signature Sponsor, XpanD, the company that provided its XpanD 3D system for the show and co-produced it. XpanD is best known for its commitment to providing the "Absolute 3D Experience." XpanD CEO Maria Costeira said, "The past year has seen monumental advances in the evolution and adoption of 3D, but the 3D revolution has only just begun. As the world's largest developer of 3D active technology, XpanD shares the International 3D Society's commitment to educating the marketplace, while the use of XpanD at the I3DS Awards Show demonstrates a recognition that our technology is the most superior and effective solution in the world."

The International 3D Society also acknowledged its Founding Sponsor, MasterImage 3D, and its Silver Awards Sponsor, MadM3dia Entertainment, Inc. Additional sponsors for the 3D Awards event included Passmore Labs, known for its 3D production and 2D to 3D conversion ability; Technicolor, whose personnel served as senior technical advisors for the show, coordinating the 3D projection booth operations during this evening's event, and the trailer department at Laser Pacific Media Corp.

The "Lumiere" statuettes presented at the ceremony were designed and sculpted by renowned artist Eileen Borgeson, and were crafted by the R.S. Owens Company of Chicago, manufacturers of the Oscars™ Awards.