Avengers: Age of Ultron will soon start dumping a ton of toys in stores near you, which means we'll get our first look at a lot of things from the movie in plastic or promo art form. While we've seen Hulkbuster in previous movie concept art, a new image, reportedly from Hot Toys, shows off the full-scale of this weapon designed by Tony Stark to control and capture an outraged Hulk.

We also get a look at all of the characters and their full sizes in this scale chart. It reveals that the 8'5" Hulk will have to contend with an 11' Hulkbuster, which sounds like quite a fight. How will Hulk be able to beat back this iron monstrosity? It also reveals that Ultron stands at a quite tall 8', just 5 inches shorter than the green goliath. Black Widow is the shortest of all Avengers, standing at just 5'6.5", though Hawkeye isn't much taller at 5'10", the shortest of the guys.

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While we get to see the full scale of Hulkbuster, he, along with Ultron and Vision are yellowed-out as to keep us guessing about their true look in the movie. We do get to see the new costumes of the rest of this lineup. What do you think of Earth's mightiest heroes? Are they bringing just the right amount of 'new' to their look this time out? Or did you want a little more? Take a look:

Avengers Age of Ultron Promo Art