While hardcore Marvel fans have long waited to see the Grey Savage Hulk make his way into a movie, we have to take this next bit of news with a grain of salt. Sure, it's confirmed that Funko will be releasing a Hot Topic exclusive Pop! Vinyl figure for Grey Savage Hulk as part of their Avengers: Age of Ultron toy series. But that doesn't necessarily mean he will be unleashed in the sequel.

IGN first discovered the Grey Savage Hulk toy image, which comes complete with stoner-like red eyes. Does this mean he is under the control of Scarlett Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) in director Joss Whedon's follow-up? A rumor has been circulating that Scarlett Witch does know how to control the big green goliath, and this is the reason behind the epic Hulk vs Hulkbuster scene. But based on the recent trailers, Mark Ruffalo's alter ego is still green when this key action scene happens.

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In the past, we've seen plenty of Marvel characters introduced for various movie action figure lines that weren't actually included in the movie itself. The most recent example of this is when a Red Skull figure was released for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. As we all know now, that villain never appeared in the sequel. This is likely just a variant used to intice people to enter Hot Topic, especially older collectors who don't usually frequent the teen-friendly mall outlet.

Hulk was introduced as Grey in his original Marvel Comics debut. He has since transformed into this version numerous times over the years. Most fans remember Grey Hulk from his time spent as a Las Vegas enforcer known as Joe Fixit. What do you think? Will Joe Fixit make an appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron? Or is this just a cool toy to get Marvel fans extra excited? Take a look: