Many fans are still coming down from yesterday's onslaught of Marvel announcements, including the nine movies in Phase Three and the extended trailer from the highly-anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron. Today, director Joss Whedon offered a few new details about his Phase Two sequel.

We already knew that the film was shot in several different locations all throughout Europe, but the director also confirmed that they shot in Bangladesh.

"[We shot] up in the Italian Alps. We were in Seoul, Korea. We were in Johannesburg. We shot a little in Bangladesh. Then all over England."

When asked if the movie will have more of a "global feel," the filmmaker hinted that these heroes have made plenty of enemies all over the world.

"Weirdly enough, the whole film takes place in Cleveland. No, this is a very global film. We wanted the world perspective on The Avengers, what they're doing, what they've been doing and who they are. It doesn't make everybody love them, so we see both sides of that."

The director is currently in post-production on Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will be a more daunting task than the previous films, since this adventure has over 3,000 visual effects shots, more than any other movie in Marvel history. Take a look at the video interview with the filmmaker below.