/avengers-2-age-ultron-photo-promo-art-hulkbuster/Shortly after new images were revealed earlier today, more Avengers: Age of Ultron art has appeared online. But these aren't your average T-Shirt or toy promos. This latest batch of Spoilers brings us the biography of both Ultron and Vision. Now, we know the full origin details behind these two new characters played by James Spader and Paul Bettany.

The images showed up on Reddit, and they appear to be from an upcoming toy release, though it is not known exactly which ones. In a recent interview, Mark Ruffalo revealed that Tony Stark and Bruce Banner will be working together on an experiment that doesn't quite go as planned. While many believed they will help create Ultron together, they're actually the surrogate parents of Vision. And Ultron himself is a direct result of the events seen in Marvel's The Avengers. Take a look at each of their biographies here:

Vision Biography

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Programmed by the combined geniuses of Tony Stark & Bruce Banner and imparted with the ability to fly, project intense energy beams and change the density of his form, the Vision has proved himself a worthy hero, aiding the Avengers in their struggle against the evil A.I. Ultron.

Ultron Biography

First discovered as a simple computer program hidden among the ruins of the Chitauri invasion of New York, the being known as Ultron soon completed its development into a sophisticated artificial intelligence after experimentation by Tony Stark. Ultron's first shocking ultimatum upon gaining consciousness was to declare the human race its enemy.

Setting out to exterminate all life on the planet, the unstable and emotional Ultron seeks to upgrade its mechanical body to an ultimate, unstoppable form. With an army of robotic drones and the ability to enter and corrupt any computer network, Ultron will stop at nothing to see humanity wiped out.

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