Joss Whedon took time out of his busy post-production schedule on Avengers: Age of Ultron to attend an event for Equality Now in Beverly Hills, California, where he addressed his highly-anticipated Marvel Phase Two sequel and the Phase Three slate that was unveiled last week.

Earlier this week, Idris Elba leaked the news that he will be returning as Heimdall from Thor and Thor: The Dark World in Avengers: Age of Ultron, alongside Tom Hiddleston as Loki. When asked if he planned on sending a "scolding" email to Idris Elba, the filmmaker had this to say.

"Um, should he receive an email from me, there might be an attitude of scold. Yeah, when you have a cast of 19,000 people, inevitably, once every month, you pick up [a story] and you're like, 'Awww.'"

When the interviewer told Joss Whedon she heard the script was "bananas in the best way," the filmmaker said he's still trying to "connect those bananas" while admitting that the movie is "really fun."

"Well, at this point, I'm still trying to connect those bananas and turn them into a bunch. Yeah, I don't think that banana metaphor is going to go very far [laughs], but it's really fun, honestly. Even while I'm looking at ways in which I messed up, it's fun taking everything and connecting it, finding a way to make something more emotional or funnier or cooler, so I love the work."

The writer-director himself was present at the Marvel press event last week, where the nine-movie phase three was unveiled. When asked if it's "daunting" to see everything planned out so far in advance, Joss Whedon had this to say.

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"You know, it is a little daunting, and you sort of go, [mock-whiny] 'What about my movie? I haven't even been born and you already like my younger siblings better?' But at the same time it's exhilarating. It's really fun to see where Kevin (Feige) is taking it and to see the workings of that mind. I think it was a very canny and very human move, I really like the slate."

Given the immense popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are countless numbers of fan theories and speculation about what will happen next in the movies. The filmmaker said that he sometimes learns something new from random fans.

"Sometimes it's depressing, sometimes it's enlightening. Every now and then, you definitely learn something from some random person on the internet who sees your work in a way you didn't, who sees truth in it, that's worth it."

Shortly after the Phase Three lineup was unveiled, Mark Ruffalo revealed that he actually has no idea how many of those movies he will be in. Unfortunately, Joss Whedon revealed he doesn't know any more than the Hulk star.

"No, I don't. Because these plans become mutable. 'These guys have these rights, oh, now we have these rights. Oh, this guy is now not available.' Again, you're dealing with so many moving parts and so many factors, you just can't really predict much."