Avengers: Age of Ultron star Chris Evans has revealed new details about his Captain America character in an interview with BuzzFeed from the set of this Marvel Phase Two adventure.

Following the events of this spring's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Cap is somewhat lost, after S.H.I.E.L.D. came crumbling down, as he searches to find a "metaphorical home."

"He's still looking for a home, probably a metaphorical home. He's always felt comfortable as a soldier. And he likes structure. He works well taking orders. But when that dynamic turned on him, he's now left to depend upon his team, the Avengers. There really is no one above them telling them what to do. They're kind of having to operate independently. So there's a lot of leaning on one another, but there really isn't a kind of clear chain of command. And I think Cap looks for that. I think he's looking to understand where he belongs, not just as a soldier, as Captain America, but as Steve Rogers, as a person."

He also spoke about maintaining his physique for the physically-demanding role.

"I found out on the first movie, typically a lot of the stunt stuff is towards the end of the film. And that's when you're in the suit. And when you're in the suit every day for a month, you just drip sweat, and you shed weight. So you try to get as big as you can in the beginning, and hopefully they've tailored the schedule so the stuff where you're walking around in a T-shirt is early. You know, we're in the last three weeks right now. I feel like I've lost like nine pounds in the past couple weeks. By the time you finish a [Marvel] movie, you're kind of back to your starting weight."

The actor also spoke about the friendship that has formed with the other "Chris," Chris Hemsworth, throughout the production.

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"We're buddies! We've been on a little bit of a ride doing these movies. You make really good friendships. It sounds cliché to say: 'We all get along so well!' We really get along phenomenally well. It's like summer camp."

He also spoke about how comfortable he is playing Captain America after three movies.

"In the beginning, you're just so grateful. You're very timid. You're lucky you got invited to the barbecue, [and] you just don't want to get in the way. Now, you feel a little more at home, and it feels a little more like a collaboration that you contribute to. If anything's changed, it's just my feeling of 'welcomeness.' Is that a word, welcomeness? We're going to make it a word, [frick] it."

Director Joss Whedon also spoke about how the cast members are much more at ease with each other in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

"They were very trusting the first time around. But this time, [there's an] ease and rapport, and just the fun that we have. Everybody's got franchises and babies. Everyone's very comfortable with themselves."

ABC is set to debut a new scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron after tomorrow night's episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so stay tuned for that footage.