As we head into the weekend, the dust still hasn't quite settled from the early leak of the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, which has broken records as the most downloaded and watched trailer of all-time! As hardcore fans continue to pour over the footage, one thing is clear, the villainous Ultron is a highlight of this first look sneak peek at what may very well be next summer's biggest movie. Perhaps even the biggest movie of all-time! Still doing press for the return of his hit series The Blacklist, James Spader has now offered new insight into the motion-capture process on this Marvel sequel.

In the latest issue of Total Film, James Spader offers a look behind-the-scenes as he describes climbing into his motion-capture suit for what promises to be one of the great Marvel movie performances. Having to be covered from head-to-toe in dots was a fantastic experience for the actor. The former 80s movie icon explains how he was able to 'fine-tune' his performance on set, and reveals that he shot all of his scenes with the other actors present. Most of his dialogue was recorded live.

"When you first meet Ultron, his physicality is very different to what he evolves to. It was in the script but we arrived at the metamorphosis of him on the set. In practice, in rehearsals ... We were able to create the physicality of the character on the motion-capture stage. They would dot me up and I was wearing a helmet that had two cameras on my face, and they could live stream it to a monitor so we could try different things. Then I'd go and shoot the scene with the other actors and they're recording all of it, including my voice. 9 times out of 10 they were not using ADR (additional dialogue recording) after the fact."

James Spader is a self-described 'detail oriented' actor. His favorite part of the whole experience was that once he had completed a scene, if he had a new idea later on in the day, he could come back and rework his performance.

"If you wanted to add something, or change something, you had the opportunity to do that. I just loved it."

What do you think? After a number of memorable villain roles in the past, does Ultron stand to be James Spader greatest on-screen creation yet? Or will he never top his role in The New Kids? I mean, is Ultron going to throw a hungry, vicious pit bull directly in the face of an innocent bystander just for kicks? Probably not!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange