Marvel has been very tight on the details in regards to next year's Avengers: Infinity War. They haven't even released the teaser trailer online yet, which has been shown publically twice already, once at San Diego Comic-Con and once at D23. However, directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo have taken down the veil of secrecy a bit. In a recent interview, they've explained a little bit about the movie, in terms of plot and tone. It looks like Avengers: Infinity War is going to be a heist movie.

The directing duo responsible for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War recently took some time away from shooting Avengers 4 to discuss a little bit about the upcoming Marvel event movie. After years of teasing, this is the movie that's finally going to bring Thanos into the MCU and, as it happens, he's still going to have to get his hands on the Infinity Stones. Here's what the Russo brothers had to say about it.

"With 'Infinity War,' the biggest new element to the movie is Thanos and the fact that he's entering the storytelling in a very bold, strong way, to the degree that he's almost one of the leads. We've shaped an interesting narrative around him that in some ways leans heavily on a heist film in the fact that he's going after the infinity stones in a much bolder, successful way than he has in the past. The entire movie has that energy of the bad guy being one step ahead of the heroes. We looked at a lot of movies that had that heist-style energy to them, [and] that brought some inspiration."

Marvel has done a heist film of sorts with Ant-Man, so this won't be a first for them. But this is certainly going to be on a much larger scale. And the stakes are insanely high. Considering that not a lot, in terms of specifics, has been revealed about Avengers: Infinity War, which arrives in theaters on May 4, 2018, knowing that Thanos won't have the Infinity Stones at the start is significant.

So, where are the Infinity Stones in the MCU currently? Doctor Strange introduced the Time Stone, which is in the Eye of Agamotto and being guarded by the Sorcerer Supreme and Wong. The Power Stone showed up in Guardians of the Galaxy and is currently in the possession of the Nova Corp. The Space Stone, aka the Tesseract, is currently in Odin's vault. As far as we know. The Reality Stone, which took the form of The Aether in Thor: The Dark World, was placed in The Collector's vault in a post-credits scene. And there's the Mind Stone, currently placed (presumably) safely in Vision's forehead. As for the Soul Stone? Look for it in Thor: Ragnarok or Black Panther.

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Looking at that, Thanos is going to have a lot to accomplish in Avengers: Infinity War. While Avengers 4, which arrives on May 3, 2019, is no longer being billed as a "part 2," it's still easy to understand why they're going to need two movies to complete this arc. In any case, the idea of a Thanos-heavy heist movie, as described by the Russo brothers in this recent interview with CNET, sounds like something well worth the wait.

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