If a new, unconfirmed rumor is to be believed, Marvel's upcoming sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron may be the last time in quite a while that fans see all of The Avengers in the same movie. Badass Digest's latest report reveals that Marvel may be redefining their blockbuster movie universe.

Most of The Avengers are nearing the end of their multi-picture contracts, including Chris Evans, who only has two movies left, one of which will be Captain America 3. Last week, a rumor surfaced that Marvel may be splitting The Avengers 3 into a two-part movie. Badass Digest's sources claim that a two-part movie isn't happening, but The Avengers 3 will serve as a "springboard" to "something else" and that the Avengers themselves may not even appear in The Avengers 3.

There are no details about what this mystery project may be, which will feature all of the Avengers actors, although the site speculates it could be a huge "all-franchise" crossover that may be called Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet or Marvel's Secret War. As for The Avengers 3, it remains unclear who may star in that project, or when Marvel is planning on releasing the sequel.

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The box office success of this summer's Guardians of the Galaxy proved that fans will flock to see new adventures with characters that haven't been previously-established as big box office draws, and Marvel Phase Three will introduce fans to another new group of characters, including Ant-Man and Doctor Strange. By the time The Avengers 3 comes around, fans may be willing to embrace a whole new team of Avengers.

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