Marvel Comics has released the second and final issue in their Infinity War prequel series and it sheds more light on the Infinity Stones, confirming the locations of some, while further teasing the mystery of the Soul Stone. The first in the series was more of a primer for Black Panther than anything. It mostly took place in Wakanda and featured Shuri helping to get Bucky Barnes' mind back from Hydra. Additionally, it also helped set up the timeline of when Steve Rogers and Barnes made it out to Wakanda, which was a few weeks after the events of Captain America: Civil War.

The new Infinity War prequel comic mostly focuses on a conversation between Doctor Strange and Kamar-Taj's librarian, Wong. As it turns out, the Masters of the Mystic Arts have been silently keeping tabs on the Infinity Stones and are aware that something big is about to go down. Wong tells Strange about the Earth-bound history of the Infinity Stones, going into great detail about Tony Stark's creation of Ultron as well as Loki's role in the Battle of New York. However, it doesn't seem that Wong is aware that the Power Stone was retrieved by the Guardians of the Galaxy and currently resides in Xandar.

After the first Sorcerer Supreme used the Time Stone, the Masters of the Mystic Arts assessed the threat level of the Infinity Stones and monitored them either through magic or spies. It's actually hinted that the first Sorcerer Supreme and the Masters of the Mystic Arts may have been the ones to hide the Infinity Stones in the first place. Wong tells Doctor Strange about where the Power Stone was hidden, and the Tesseract being guarded by a religious group seem to point in the direction that the Masters of the Mystic Arts were the ones to hide the stones.

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The Infinity War prequel comic goes on to confirm that the Space Stone is inside the Tesseract. We already know from the trailers that Thanos will obtain the Space Stone and it might actually be the first one that he obtains from Loki. Speaking of Loki, the Infinity War prequel comic also reveals some backstory on Thor: Ragnarok and why Doctor Strange trapped Loki. Loki at one time wielded two Infinity Stones, so his disturbance is something that the Masters of the Mystic Arts knew about, which is why Doctor Strange traps him and summons Thor.

As for the Soul Stone, we still don't know where it is. Wong is reading a page that is in a different language, but it features some pictures of planets. Though we don't know where the stone is, it's hinted that the Soul Stone is the most dangerous of them all. The Soul Stone was rumored to be in Wakanda, but after Black Panther, that doesn't seem to be the case any longer. The mystery of the Soul Stone lingers on, but it might have something to do with Thanos being able to take a moon out of orbit to throw it at his enemies. All in all, not a whole lot of information about Infinity War was revealed or spoiled, but that was to be expected. You can order up your copy of the comic book over at Comic Store.

Kevin Burwick