Avengers 4 will continue the tradition of featuring a new suit for Tony Stark as seen in newly leaked concept art images. Another set of leaks showed off a new weapon, which could belong to Captain Marvel in the movie. The last Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 movie is currently conducting reshoots in Atlanta to finish off the film. Chris Evans officially finished his last day of filming earlier in the week and is now finished playing Steve Rogers in the MCU. It's believed that the reshoots will be completed in the next few weeks.

The new look at Tony Stark's latest armor for Avengers 4 provides an interesting view at the face of the mask. If the concept art ends up being used, we could see a drastically different mask from what we've seen in the past. Additionally, there's some other designs for the arm canon and a blade as well. There's also a look under the armor, showing how the suit will work even closer with Stark's body than ever before. It's not clear if this look will be used when Avengers 4 hits theaters next year, but it sure looks pretty cool.

Another intriguing piece of concept art from Avengers 4 shows off a double-bladed axe. It's currently unknown who the weapon belongs to, but Captain Marvel has used a similar weapon in the comics. Asgardian crafted weapons were used in the Fear Itself comic, and Carol Danvers used an axe that looks pretty similar to the leaked concept art. However, Doctor Strange has also wielded an axe in the comics as well, so the weapon could really belong to anybody at this point in time.

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It's pretty interesting that Marvel Studios has seen so much concept art leak from Avengers 4 since they are known for running a very tight ship that prevents from secrets getting out. Set photos are going to leak no matter what, especially when filming in public places, but concept art is a different story. Whatever the case may be, we've gotten some pretty awesome information about the upcoming movie through concept art finding its way online over the last several months.

Avengers 4 is going to end the MCU's Phase 3 and usher in Phase 4, which will start with Spider-Man: Far From Home a few months after the release of the last Avengers film. There's a lot of fan theories floating around about how the Russo Brothers will go about putting an end to the story, but nothing has been officially revealed at this time, which goes for the title as well. It's believed that the first teaser trailer for Avengers 4, along with the title, will be revealed before the end of the year. While we wait for the footage and title, you can check out the latest concept art leaks below, thanks to Reddit.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick