High resolution images of some Avengers 4 concept art has finally been released online. The artwork previously leaked its way across the Internet a couple of months back, but in poor quality, mostly from people taking pictures of the images being projected at a convention. These higher quality images are able to show off the intense amount of detail of a number of the heroes in next year's Avengers 4.

The hero that arguably stands out the most in this new concept art is the Hulk, who now has his own superhero suit. Up until now, Hulk had mostly been seen only wearing a pair of stretchable shorts, so this is certainly a welcome change for the green giant. In Avengers: Infinity War, Hulk was beaten to a pulp by Thanos in the first five minutes, leading to Hulk not wanting to transform into himself for the remainder of the movie. Perhaps an armored suit is just what Hulk needs to regain his confidence in order to take on Thanos another time.

Another character who stands out in the recently released concept art is Captain Marvel. Last week, Entertainment Weekly revealed the first official looks at Captain Marvel, featuring her red, blue and gold super suit. This suit for Avengers 4 doesn't look much different, despite the 20-30 year gap between the two movies. Regardless, Captain Marvel looks both beautiful and badass in this concept art, teasing that she may be one of the highlights of the upcoming Avengers sequel.

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Captain America is up next, now clean shaven and in a new suit that is sure to please comic book fans. Finally, the on-screen Captain America is equipped with a scaled suit. In the comics, a majority of Captain America's suits had armored scales across them, which is something the movies never included up until now. Some more detail-oriented fans noticed in Avengers: Infinity War that in the gaps and holes of Captain America's tattered suit, one could make out a few armored scales. Finally, Cap is going all out with the scales, wearing them on the outside of the suit for what may be his final outing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Also included in the concept art are Iron Man, Thor, and Rocket Raccoon, whose appearances really aren't too different from how we last saw them in Avengers: Infinity War. Thor still brandishes his new weapon, Stormbreaker, and Tony Stark still has his new nanotech suit, which is now seemingly repaired from the damage it took in the last movie.

While this concept art, which surfaced on Marvel Wikia, isn't technically anything new, it is still exciting to finally be able to see them in high resolution. A trailer for Avengers 4 is still presumably several months off, as is any official poster or title announcement, so these concept art releases may be all we have to get us excited for the upcoming Avengers sequel for some time. Be sure to check out these new high quality images of Earth's Mightiest Heroes below.

Hulk Avengers 4 Art
Captain Marvel Avengers 4 art
Captain America Avengers 4 art
Iron Man Avengers 4 art
Thor Avengers 4 art
Rocket Raccoon Avengers 4 art