Next year's Avengers 4 just added a certain character to their cast that may show us the different direction Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be heading. This could be a glimmer of hope for fans who have been anxiously waiting for the Young Avengers to be introduced to the Marvel movie franchise.

Though Infinity War is just over a week away, fans are still left completely in the dark to the movie's follow-up. The yet-to-be-titled fourth Avengers releases next May, and is predicted to be the final movie for a good portion of our favorite Avengers, while setting up the future for a number of other characters down the road, such as Spider-Man and Doctor Strange.

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A new report has surfaced that Blended actress Emma Fuhrmann has apparently joined the cast of Avengers 4 as an older Cassie Lang. Cassie Lang, the daughter of the current Ant-Man Scott Lang, has previously appeared in 2015's Ant-Man, and is set to appear again this year in Ant-Man and the Wasp, where she has been played by Abby Ryder Fortson. Emma Fuhrmann is currently 16, which is 10 years older than Fortson, so it's very possible that this recasting wasn't due to any issues with Fortson, and instead just taking care of an age gap.

Thus far, all rumors and reports about Avengers 4 claim that it will be about time travel, and possibly alternate dimensions, as a result of the events of Avengers: Infinity War. If this is true, then it will make perfect sense for a teenage Cassie Lang to have a role in Avengers 4, given her story in the comic-books.

After the death of Scott Lang when Avengers Mansion was destroyed in the comics, Cassie Lang herself became the superhero Stature, using the same Pym Tech as her father to grow in size. She then joined the Young Avengers, becoming one of the team's most prominent members, and did all she could to travel back in time and bring her father back. This was a truly touching story for the character that Marvel fans have been hoping to see since her character first appeared in the MCU in 2015.

If Cassie Lang does take up the mantle of Stature in Avengers 4, it could be the MCU's way of setting up the Young Avengers. The Young Avengers have become wildly popular in the comics over the past decade, and many fans have requested for some of their characters to be introduced to the MCU, such as Hulkling and Wiccan. Considering that Phase 4 will be a new beginning for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this would be the perfect time to introduce the younger superteam to the franchise.

The report of Emma Fuhrmann being cast as Cassie Lang came from The Hashtag Show and not from Marvel Studios directly, so it is possible that this reported casting could be wrong. However, the history of Cassie's character in the comics seemingly coaligns with everything we already know about Avengers 4, so it could very well end up being true. Regardless, we are sure that many Marvel Comics fans will be excited to hear about the possibility of the fan-favorite Young Avengers joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe next year.