Earlier this month, some new concept art for Avengers 4 leaked online, right before CineEurope. While some Marvel Cinematic Universe devotees dismissed the artwork as fake, it was later revealed to be the real deal. And now, we have a better look at that concept artwork through newly leaked images that show close-ups of the characters. This is also within the same batch that the Captain Marvel leaks came from earlier today.

The Avengers 4 concept art features the original Avengers along with some new friends including Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy, Ant-Man, and Captain Marvel. Hawkeye is spotted looking more like Ronin, Captain America had someone over to his place to shave his beard off, and Iron Man has some suit upgrades as well. However, these newly released images give us a better look at War Machine, Carol Danvers, and the Hulk, showing off some brand-new details that were not evident in the first leaks.

One of the biggest differences in the new Avengers 4 concept art is the way that Hulk looks. It is now confirmed that Bruce Banner and the Hulk were able to come to an agreement after the events of Infinity War and the green giant will be sporting a new look. In the newly leaked images, we can see that it is a form-fitting suit made out of some stretchy material. It is also a full-body suit that will be used to further protect the Hulk. While this gives us a better look at Hulk, it does not confirm nor deny that we will see the Professor Hulk version of the character when next May rolls around.

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Perhaps the biggest difference shown in the new Avengers 4 concept art is the change to War Machine's suit. While Tony Stark is the one that normally gets all the fun when it comes to suit upgrades, it appears that Rhodey is now joining in on that fun. It looked like the character was having a hard time keeping up during Infinity War, so the upgrades were definitely necessary. The new art clearly shows that he has multiple new boosters that have been added to the Avengers 4 version of War Machine. The new boosters are added to his legs, arms, as well as his lower back.

Elsewhere, we're shown some more of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel, who does not appear to have any suit differences when compared to her standalone movie concept art. While she may have the same look in Avengers 4, we're getting a better view of what her power blasts look like. It has been reported numerous times that Carol Danvers is the strongest superhero in the MCU and these power blasts are an essential piece to that power. It's not looking as good for Thanos this time around with all of these upgrades and new personnel coming on board to help the Avengers. You can see the new Avengers 4 concept art leaks below, provided by the AJ Designs Twitter account.

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