New Avengers 4 leak shows off a suit design similar to Hank Pym's in Ant-Man and the Wasp. It looks like the reassembled Avengers are going to have new costumes when they go after Thanos for a second time around. Marvel Studios has yet to officially release any promotional material for the highly anticipated film and fans are becoming restless, speculating about how the team will save half of the universe that disappeared at the conclusion of Infinity War. So far, the consensus is that time travel and the Quantum Realm will factor into the storyline.

Some box art from Hasbro's Avengers 4 toys has leaked online for Thor and Rocket Raccoon, who come in a two-pack. Some of the previously leaked concept art is featured on the box, showing off the whole reconfigured team, but the focus here is on the picture of Thor and Rocket. Both heroes are wearing a newly designed suit that is black and white, looking pretty similar to Hank Pym's suit as he stepped into the Quantum Realm, as well as Scott Lang's most recent suit in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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It has already been confirmed that the Quantum Realm plays a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward. These new suits could provide some concrete evidence that it will factor into Avengers 4, specifically. Closer inspection of the toy box art sees two smaller images of Captain Marvel and Captain America, who will presumably come in a two-pack as well. Carol Danvers is wearing her normal suit, but Steve Rogers is wearing the newly designed black and white Avengers suit.

A few months back, it was rumored that Avengers 4 will take place after a pretty decent time jump. Set pictures have featured evidence of this, especially new looks at Tony Stark, who looks like he as aged considerably since Infinity War. A new rumor states that the movie will take place 5 years after Infinity War, which means that Stark would have had a decent amount of time to try and figure something out, while that gives Scott Lang some time to figure a way out of the Quantum Realm. However, it is unclear how these actions will play out on the big screen.

Avengers 4 leaked set photos have indicated that Tony Stark's BARF tech will also play a role, though it's not clear how it will be used. Perhaps Stark will use it with Scott Lang in order to figure out some of Hank Pym's technological wizardry? For now, this is all speculation, but we are one step closer to confirmation that the Quantum Realm will be involved in the takedown of Thanos. While we wait for some more concrete information, you can check out the latest Avengers 4 leaked suit picture below, thanks to the KPOW! Instagram account.