The first trailer for Avengers 4, or what we now know to be officially titled Avengers: Endgame, finally arrived online today and the internet has a lot of feelings about it. That's only natural. Infinity War ended with Thanos wiping out half of all life in the entire universe and this is the first we've seen of our remaining heroes since. But one of the biggest losses has only now revealed itself; Captain America's beard. That's right. Thanos' deadly finger snap caused Cap to shave and fans are mourning the loss of his once-glorious facial hair. One Twitter user called it the biggest loss of them all.

"RIP to the biggest loss in #AvengersEndgame. Cap's beard."

Considering that Spider-Man, Bucky, Black Panther, most of the Guardians and many, many others met their demise once Thanos got his hands on all of the Infinity Stones, that's a bold statement. Bold or not, he's not alone. Quite a few Marvel fans already miss Steve Rogers' scruffy look. But apparently losing so much forced Steve to make a change. As Twitter user ThisOldNerd notes, this is actually quite the opposite of what most people do when they're depressed.

"Most people get a depression beard. Leave it to Steve Rogers to do a depression shave."

One fan who goes by ghost james on Twitter even shared an image of Cap's beard being dusted like his fellow heroes at the end of Infinity War. Beyond a beardless Steve Rogers, the Avengers: Endgame trailer also revealed that Tony Stark is drifting hopelessly in space and his prospects aren't looking great. Hawkeye is back and has assumed the mantle of Ronin, meaning Clint is going to take a dark turn this time around. Ant-Man somehow escaped the Quantum Realm as well, which raises a great many questions. Speaking of that, writer Britt Middleton had an idea that many would appear to be on board with.

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"New film pitch: Ant-Man and Captain Marvel go back in time to save Captain America's beard."

It's largely been suspected that time travel will play into the plot of the movie. The Avengers have to do something to save their fallen allies and, thanks to some set photos and various theorizing that's been going on, time travel appears to be the key to making that happen. If they can save Cap's beard along the way as well, why not? The Boredom of Chris Twitter account did, on the contrary, have a positive take on Steve's look in the trailer.

"Listen, I know we are all in mourning over Cap's beard being taken away along with half of the universe. But can we all take a moment and appreciate that the best Captain America suit is making a comeback?"

The suit in question is the suit from The Winter Soldier. Not only is that movie widely considered to be one of the best MCU movies to date, but Captain America's suit from that movie is seen as his best on-screen look so far. So at least that's making a comeback. We'll what else, or who else, is coming back when Marvel unleashes Avengers: Endgame in theaters on April 26, 2019. Be sure to check out more tweets mourning Captain America's beard below.

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