Infinity War could have ended in a few different ways had Star-Lord stuck to the plan or if Thor aimed for the head of Thanos instead of delivering a speech. Avengers 4 will attempt to right those wrongs and some new fan art shows just how literally Iron Man took the Mad Titan's advice to Thor at the conclusion of the last film. Doctor Strange has placed all of his faith in Tony Stark to get the job done, as he's the only one who has seen the future, so this new fan art may be on to something.

Avengers 4 super fan Ultrasaw26 has been taking some time recently to predict how Thanos will get taken out when the movie hits theaters next April. Last week, the artist shared a custom piece of art which showed Brie Larson's Captain Marvel impaling the Mad Titan with her fist. While that artwork was pretty graphic, his new piece goes to an entirely different place with Tony Stark taking the lead this time clutching Thanos' decapitated head in his hand, showing the trophy off to an imaginary audience.

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Ultrasaw26 has been looking at the possible dark elements of Avengers 4 and bringing them to life with pretty amazing pieces of artwork. In addition to brutally killing Thanos, the artist also has some death predictions for some of the Avengers. One picture features Peter Parker holding Tony Stark's lifeless body, while another also features a dead Stark, but in the arms of Carol Danvers. There's even a piece of art that shows a deceased Steve Rogers in the arms of Bucky.

Obviously, nobody (except for Marvel Studios) really knows what's going to happen when Avengers 4 opens in theaters, but these new pieces of fan art are a fun element that works with a lot of the fan theories that have been floating around. Though, this is the first we've heard about Iron Man ripping off the giant purple head of Thanos. Other fan theories, such as the dusted heroes being trapped in the Soul Stone, are also depicted in some of Ultrasaw26's vibrant fan-art dedicated to the upcoming Avengers 4.

The Russo Brothers are hard at work on the post-production process for Avengers 4, with reshoots rumored to start in the fall. There's a lot on the line for the directors who are left to craft something that will serve as the final film in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It appears that a certain faction of MCU fans want to see some pretty intense revenge for dusting half of the world's population, and a beheading isn't out of the question, according to new fan art. Whatever the case may be, we still have a pretty long wait ahead of us. You can check out some of the amazing Avengers 4 fan art while we wait below, thanks to Ultrasaw26's Instagram account.