While the title of Avengers 4 has not yet been released, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige unveiled the very first footage from the highly anticipated film alongside a brief clip from Captain Marvel as well at CineEurope. As far as this footage reaching the internet, that seems very unlikely. Security is said to be extra tight at the event, much like CinemaCon in Las Vegas. No footage from CinemaCon leaked and it looks like it will unfortunately be the same case for CineEurope as well.

The leaked Avengers 4 concept art was also on hand at CineEurope, which means that it was a legit leak and is now official. So far, there have not been any descriptions for the movies, but those will more than likely hit at any time now. In addition to Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel, footage from the upcoming Ant-Man 2 was also shown and is rumored to be the extended clip that is currently being shown at Disney parks in North America. When introducing the Avengers 4 footage, Kevin Feige said, "We're going to see our characters make an effort to become a real team with each other."

As far as titles go, many were hoping that Marvel would release the official title of Avengers 4 today as well, which could still happen, but we won't hold our breath. Marvel Cinematic Universe devotees are currently ripping the internet apart to get any information that they can about the title and there have been some pretty interesting fan theories floating around. The Russo Brothers said that it would be a while before the official title of Avengers 4 was unveiled because it contains a spoiler for Infinity War.

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With no appearances lined up for San Diego Comic Con and no D23 Expo this year, Marvel Studios is giving fans a lot to stress about. In times of stress, rumors begin to spread, like the recent report from Reddit that says that the title of Avengers 4 will have three words and two of which start with "F" and "H." This could very well be decent intel, but it has led to an amazing amount of speculation when narrowed down to just those two letters and social media is blowing up about it.

Hopefully a description of the Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 footage makes its way online soon. But for now, it should be comforting to know that this footage even exists in the first place because it means that it could potentially hit the web soon. Or we could all be in for a hellish wait like last year when Marvel premiered the footage for Infinity War at D23 and Comic Con, which was held up to mythical standards by the time the official teaser trailer hit months later. This is a developing story and more information is expected to drop soon. This news comes to us courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick