Marvel Studios unveiled the first footage from Avengers 4 today at CineEurope and fans have anxiously been waiting to hear what was shown. Security was beyond tight and had those in attendance had to give up their phones, so we're not going to see a leaked version of the footage hit the web unless somewhat was mighty stealthy. However, some reports about what was shown have started to hit the internet and it involves Tony Stark and Scott Lang.

According to a new report from Reddit, the Avengers 4 footage features Scott Lang talking to Tony Stark about a new piece of technology that they can use to "go to multiple realities and collect the Infinity Stones." By realities, we're assuming that to mean different timelines and as for the technology, we assume that's from Hank Pym. That is all that the description had to offer in terms of meat and this is the only thing that has been mentioned. Also, the report states that the Captain Marvel footage that was shown was just a behind-the-scenes featurette.

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If the report is to be believed, the Avengers 4 debut footage was merely a clip setting up the story. It's been reported numerous times that Ant-Man 2 will have a big role in setting up the next Avengers movie and it has been confirmed by screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely. So basically, Scott Lang was more than likely telling Tony Stark about the Quantum Realm and some new technology that Hank Pym created to safely travel through, which is probably how they end up retrieving Janet van Dyne in Ant-Man 2.

We don't know what this technology is that Hank Pym invented, but from the looks of the Avengers 4 behind-the-scenes pictures that we have seen, it looks to be a small, circular device that the heroes wear on their hands. Additionally, Evangeline Lilly recently revealed that Avengers 4 is like LOST Season 4, which introduced multiple timelines and time travel. The good news is that we'll more than likely see this new technology in a few weeks when Ant-Man 2 hit theaters or at the very least an early version of it.

For now, we'll take this report about the Avengers 4 footage with a grain of salt until anything is officially revealed. One thing that we can count on is that this clip will not be shown to the general public any time soon. We're still practically a year away from seeing Avengers 4, so it's going to be a while before the promotional campaign revs up. For now, we have Ant-Man 2 and Captain Marvel to look forward to, which will give us some major hints about how Avengers 4 will go down. You can read the original report about the Avengers 4 CineEurope footage over at Reddit and wait for the official title to be announced.