Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton and Paul Rudd's Scott Lang famously sat out for this year's Infinity War, much to the disappointment of Marvel Cinematic Universe devotees all over the world. However, newly leaked set photos from the Avengers 4 reshoots in Atlanta have shown up online, featuring Lang, along with Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanova. Now, Jeremy Renner is getting in on the fun, posting a picture of himself on social media with his fresh Hawkeye haircut, along with a caption that reads, "Circling the wagons with my good friends."

Jeremy Renner did not give a geotag location with his social media post, but he's more than likely already on the set of Avengers 4, or at the very least getting ready to leave. That fresh new Hawkeye haircut probably has to be groomed pretty often, which means that whatever he's doing, it's happening soon. Renner previously shared a picture on social media back at the end July, teasing that it was almost time to get back to the set. MCU fans are anxious to know what Clint Barton has been up to since the conclusion of Captain America: Civil War.

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There was only a brief mention about Hawkeye and Ant-Man in Infinity War, but that's all about to change for Avengers 4, even though we don't know exactly how. Hawkeye obviously made it through the Mad Titan's snap alive, and Scott Lang made it out of the Quantum Realm, but it's still unclear how. Early photos from the set all but confirm that Clint Barton will be going on to become Ronin in Avengers 4, and many fans are hoping that we get a better sneak peek this time around than we did last time.

The Russo Brothers revealed a few weeks ago that Avengers 4 reshoots were going to start soon, and Mark Ruffalo confirmed that information with a short blurb about the film. The actor noted that the cast doesn't even know what's going on in the movie, which sounds like the production for Infinity War. However, Ruffalo was still able to spoil the movie months before it was released, letting fans know that everybody dies, while Don Cheadle looked at him in amazement and quickly guided the conversation elsewhere.

After the Avengers 4 reshoots, the Russo Brothers expect to be in the post-production phase until March of 2019. For now, fans will be on the hunt for more pictures from the Atlanta set. We've already seen Steve Rogers back without his beard from the last film, and Natasha Romanova has returned with some strawberry blonde hair, which hopefully means we'll get some shots of Clint Barton with the team before the movie hits theaters early next year. While we wait for some more Avengers 4 reshoots news, you can check out the new picture of the Hawkeye haircut below, provided by Jeremy Renner's Instagram page.