The Avengers character Falcon has had a few different looks in both film and comics over the years, but the most iconic look is definitely his red and white suit, which has never been seen on the big screen. Falcon actor Anthony Mackie knows this and claims that he's been begging Marvel for years to let the character get back to the colors that most comic fans identify him with instead of the black tactical gear suit that he wears in the movies. Iron Man's armor changes up every movie, so why can't the Falcon get this cool suit in Avengers 4?

Anthony Mackie recently spoke with where he revealed that he has been trying to get Marvel to get back to the Falcon's roots with the red and white suit. The character first showed up in the comics with a green suit, which later morphed into the red and white suit that he's known for. But, it looks like fans are out of luck if they want to see a return to classic look of the Falcon. Mackie had this to say.

"I'm pushing for it, I'm pushing for it. I've been pushing for spandex for eight years, they won't give it to me."

Additionally, Anthony Mackie talked about the upcoming Infinity War, which is the most anticipated movie of 2018. Specifically, Mackie was asked about where all of the characters are after the events of Captain America: Civil War. The actor chose his words very carefully and did not reveal enough to spoil anything, but he did give some insight into what the beginning of Infinity War can start from. He explains.

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"Coming off such a huge battle that these characters are coming off of, everybody's trying to find their footing again. Everybody's trying to figure out where they are and how they'll be accepted and looked upon, not only by the rest of the world but by the other heroes since we've been separated. So that's kind the overall idea of where we're coming from and how do we get out of that to save the world."

While many Marvel fans look at Infinity War and Avengers 4 with darkness surrounding the movies, Anthony Mackie spoke earlier last year about the fate of Falcon in the first installment, mentioning that at the time, he had only read 5 pages of the script. In those first handful of pages that he was given, Falcon is alive and well, according to Mackie. The actor also added, "I ain't dying," which could be seen in a comical light.

With Infinity War and Avengers 4 ushering in a new phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it might be time to give the Falcon his own standalone movie, which could very well end up on the production slate after 2020. The Falcon has many storylines that would work out really well on the big screen, and having him take over as Captain America would make for a very interesting take. While we won't be seeing the return of the iconic red and white suit for the Falcon any time soon, you can still read about Anthony Mackie's feeling about the suit via

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick