An imagining of Tony Stark's new Iron Man armor for Avengers 4 has been created by super fan Ultrasaw26. Over the last few months, there have been some pretty decent concept art leaks from the upcoming last Avengers film, showing off new looks at the team together, as well as separately. Included in that artwork has been interesting looks at upgrades Tony Stark is adding to his armor, in order to take on Thanos for a second time, which Ultrasaw26 has used to create art that shows off what we might see on the big screen next year.

Ultrasaw26 took elements from all of the Iron Man armor leaks over the past few months and incorporated them into one cohesive piece of Avengers 4 art. The big difference from Infinity War is the new arms, which contain blades, making Iron Man look intimidating. The attention to detail is amazing, making it look like an official piece of art from Marvel Studios. It will be interesting to see if the artist comes close to what fans will see when Avengers 4 is released.

Iron Man isn't the only one getting a new look in Avengers 4. Some of the group are getting a white suit, which looks similar to Hank Pym's tech that he used for the Quantum Realm suit. Pym actor Michael Douglas recently stated that the Quantum Realm will play a large role in the movie, so these newly designed suits make sense. With that being said, it's still unclear as to how Scott Lang will escape and meet up with the Avengers to help reverse the effects of the mighty snap of Thanos.

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The Russo Brothers just wrapped the reshoots and are busy putting all of the pieces together. The directing duo created an edit of the film over the summer with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, which means they have to plug in all of the missing footage into a final draft. They've been teasing cryptic set photos, but people are starting to get antsy waiting for any official details from the source, looking for some less mysterious information.

Avengers 4 is preparing to put an end to the first decade of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and expectations are incredibly high after the release of Infinity War. Spider-Man: Far From Home recently wrapped shooting, and that movie takes place directly after Avengers 4, but we still don't know how Peter Parker makes it back, leaving a number of fan theories getting spread around to see how the Russo Brothers put an end to everything. As with most projects, Marvel Studios is keeping quiet about nearly everything having to do with the next three MCU projects that come out next year, all of which come out within months of each other. Thankfully, we can check out some cool fan art imagining what we might see on the big screen while we wait. Check out the possible new Iron Man look below, thanks to Ultrasaw26's Instagram account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick