Hawkeye was nowhere to be seen in Avengers: Infinity War. But we know that will change with Avengers 4, as Jeremy Renner's character has long been rumored to play a major role in this MCU ending sequel. Now, we have a look at a new Avengers 4 logo courtesy of one of the crew members. And it has an undeniable Hawkeye vibe about it.

The new Avengers 4 logo arrives in Hawkeye purple. And feels very much like the missing archer's aura is all over it. His influence looms large. About the logo, this was said.

"A Marvel Studios light control worker could have revealed the official logo from #Avengers4 (we still do not know the title)."

It's been well over a month since Infinity War hit theaters and the Russo Bros. have yet to divulge the super secret title for Avengers 4. It's known to be a spoiler for everything leading up to this point, and while box office numbers would indicate that everyone on the planet has already seen Avengers 3, the title for Avengers 4 is still being held tight to the chest. It's possible that we'll learn the true title at this year's Comic Con, though it has been confirmed that Marvel won't have a presence inside Hall H.

Thus far, Marvel big boss Kevin Feige has ruled out Infinity Gauntlet as the official title for Avengers 4. And there have been plenty of other monikers tossed around the internet as fans try to second guess the MCU's plan for this sequel. Perhaps the final installment in Marvel Phase 3 will have a Hawkeye centric title? It's quite possible. At least judging from this logo.

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The Geek Power shared this look at the logo on Instagram, though it isn't known if this is the official final logo or just a cool temporary logo for people working on the movie.

No plot details for Avengers 4 have been revealed at this time. Though it is believed that time travel plays heavily into the plot, as the remaining Avengers attempt to fix the destruction Thanos brought with a single snap of his fingers. We know that Clint Barton survived the snap, and unlike some of his co-workers, he was sparred from turning into dust.

Infinity War revealed that Hawkeye had been placed under house arrest after the events in Civil War, much like Ant-Man. He is back living on the farm with his wife and kids. It's believed that Hawkeye's family will perish following Thanos' snap, and that Clint will be out for revenge.

Avengers 4 will be in theaters May 3, 2019. We have quite a long wait to see what happens to our most beloved Marvel superheroes, and to learn the true fate of those who disappeared. One thing is for certain. Hawkeye will be out in full force, ready to punch his way through Thanos' chest when we next see him. And that's perfectly captured in this latest logo.

B. Alan Orange