The first preview from the Avengers 4 Prelude comic has been released and it's taking a look back at the beginning of Infinity War. The 3-issue comic mini-series is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and it takes place before the events of Avengers 4, retelling the last Avengers movie fro a certain point of view. With the latest Russo Brothers Q&A and the Prelude comic, Marvel Studios is getting fans prepared for what's next by thoroughly explaining everything that came before, which is a smart way of looking back and also indicates that certain events from Infinity War are going to be very important for Avengers 4 in more ways than initially thought.

The Avengers 4 Prelude comic preview shows off the attack on Thor and the Asgardians. It's all familiar territory, but fans are really hoping that the Prelude comic will finally unleash the official title to the masses. The street date is December 5th, and it has been heavily rumored that the trailer will drop early that morning on Good Morning America. However, the release date of the trailer has been teased many times before, so nobody really knows at this point in time.

With that being said, it would be kind of strange to get the Avengers 4 Prelude comic without the official title attached to it. Additionally, sources indicate that this week is going to be a pretty memorable one for MCU fans. Starting the week off is the second trailer for Captain Marvel, which will air during the halftime show of Monday Night Football later this evening. Fans were just treated to the first footage back in October, so getting to see more Carol Danvers tonight is already a pretty awesome surprise. It's also believed that the long-awaited Avengers video game will be unveiled this week, which is also huge news if it actually happens.

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The Russo Brothers recently held a Q&A session after a special screening of Infinity War in Los Angeles. The directing duo announced right away that they would not be talking about Avengers 4 or its trailer at all. The result was a 2-hour deep-dive into the last Avengers movie, with the directors explaining their decision making process. One of the key topics was the choice of not filming Infinity War and Avengers 4 concurrently. The directors made the decision to film them separately early on in the process, noting that they are two very different movies instead of a part 1 and part 2 situation.

We know that Avengers 4 will stand on its own when looked at with Infinity War, but the other details are being kept under wraps by Marvel Studios. Those fans hoping that the Prelude comic will give away spoiler will be disappointed. However, it will shed a new light on Infinity War and the key elements that set up the next movie. You can check out some panels from the Avengers 4 Prelude comic book series below, thanks to Marvel Comics.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick