Mark Ruffalo has revealed that Avengers 4 will begin filming reshoots at the end of this month along with some additional footage that will officially finish this sequel, which they didn't get to do the first time around. It appears that the reshoots are more important than merely going through and retouching some scenes or making additions. The cast is going back to Atlanta to shoot the final scenes, a tactic that was more than likely utilized to keep spoilers from leaking out from the highly anticipated film.

Infinity War has blown a big hole in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, leaving all kinds of questions in its wake. Everybody knows that half of the universe was turned to dust by Thanos, but nobody, not even the cast, knows what happened to everybody and how everything will end when Avengers 4 hits theaters early next year. In a recent interview, Mark Ruffalo shed some light on the current state of the next Avengers film. He had this to say.

"Well we're doing reshoots starting in September. And then we'll go back into the international tour, we'll go on tour. Then you guys will get the second installment. Which we don't even know what it's gonna be yet. We're not just doing reshoots, we're going to finish the movie, which we really didn't get to finish totally when we left it last year."

The Russo Brothers have revealed that they finished their initial edit that they worked on with the help of Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige over the summer. They had previously announced that reshoots were happening soon, but did not indicate when. As usual, Mark Ruffalo has gone on and revealed some extra information, almost like Chris Farley's security guard character from Wayne's World.

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Obviously, the dusted characters from Infinity War will have to be addressed, and we know that some characters will be coming back. However, it is not clear how they all will make it back. Tom Holland is currently filming Spider-Man: Far From Home in England with Samuel L. Jackson, so we know that they've survived somehow, which could even be an alternate universe. Additionally, Drax the Destroyer actor Dave Bautista has revealed that the Guardians of the Galaxy will be back.

It's pretty exciting to know that the ending of Avengers 4 will be shot later this month, after thinking for months that it had already been filmed. The Russo Brothers and Marvel Studios are a well-oiled machine, so it makes sense that they were able to keep the lid on this secret for so long. However, it's only a matter of time before the actors start returning to the set, which will hopefully lead to more clues about the plot of the film. You can head over to The Marvelist Podcast to listen to the rest of the Mark Ruffalo interview.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick