NemRaps, aka Nem The Infinity Watcher was invited to the set of Avengers 4 after he watched Infinity War over 100 times in the movie theater. The Russo Brothers shared a photo of Nem on the set of the reshoots with a giant green screen behind him. The photo is also the very first official announcement that the reshoots are underway. Jeremy Renner has shared a few images of himself with his new Hawkeye haircut and some set photos leaked featuring Paul Rudd, Chris Evans, and Scarlett Johansson.

Back in June of this year, Nem The Infinity Watcher revealed that he had seen Infinity War 44 times (he has since seen the movie 103 times). Nem started documenting his trips to the theater on social media, which quickly went viral and then caught the attention of the Russo Brothers. They promised the Marvel Cinematic Universe super fan that he would be able to visit the set of Avengers 4, and they have made good on their promise. The directors have since shared their visit on social media, prompting other MCU fans to hit up Nem for spoilers.

Nem The Infinity Watcher more than likely had to sign a non-disclosure agreement before heading to the set, and has vowed that he will not share any Avengers 4 spoilers. With that being said, Nem did share his favorite part about visiting the set of the film, which was meeting Marvel Entertainment Prop Master Russell Bobbitt, who let him wear the Infinity Gauntlet. Nem says that meeting Bobbitt made his day, leading many to believe that he was able to see a lot more than just the Infinity Gauntlet.

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The Russo Brothers are going to be working on Avengers 4 until March of next year, and then they will start the promotional campaign for the film. It's not clear how long reshoots will take, but Mark Ruffalo has revealed that they are finishing off the movie. The actor also said that the cast doesn't know what's going to happen, which is definitely a good thing for Ruffalo and Tom Holland, who are prone to unintentionally leaking huge spoilers.

Avengers 4 officially opens in theaters on May 3rd, but there's a good chance that we could see the movie a week earlier, like Marvel Studios did for Infinity War. As for when we'll get the title or see the first footage, that's another story. It seems that Captain Marvel will take the lead from here on out, with an Avengers 4 tease before the end of the year, but even that has not been confirmed at this time. It might be a good time to start taking bets as to how many times Nem will watch the film in theaters. He might have to top the 103 times that he has seen Infinity War. You can check out the picture of Nem on the set of Avengers 4 below, thanks to The Russo Brothers' Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick