The official runtime for Infinity War has yet to be released, but the Russo Brothers are already hoping that Avengers 4 will be a longer movie. In addition, the directors have given an update on the editing and post production work for the upcoming 4th Avengers movie. While the official runtime for Infinity War has yet to be confirmed, it will more than likely fall into the two-and-a-half-hour range, which means that Avengers 4 could clock in close to three hours when all is said and done.

The Russo Brothers and the cast of Infinity War are currently on a major promotional tour and have been answering all types of different questions in regard to the epic movie. Now that the third installment is days away from release, the topic has slowly started to turn to the next installment. The directing duo are keeping the lid on the official title for Avengers 4 because it reportedly contains Infinity War spoilers. However, the Russo Brothers have answered a few questions about the 4th and final movie, letting fans know what the status is.

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When asked about the status of Avengers 4, Joe Russo revealed that the movie is currently in the assembly cut stage, which means that it's nearly ready for its first rough cut. Joe Russo admitted that so far, Avengers 4 has the longest cut to date, out of any of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. When asked if the movie was going to be longer than Infinity War, the director simply said, "I do." As previously noted, the official runtime for the third Avengers movie has yet to be revealed, but it is rumored to be over the two-and-a-half-hour mark. Russo had this to say.

"I'll say it could easily be a three-hour film, but I think that we're very hard on the material, we like it to play at a certain pace. I'm sure that we'll squeeze it... I do think it will be longer than Avengers 3."

The still untitled Avengers 4 could end up being an even bigger movie that Infinity War, which is hard to think about right now. Infinity War hasn't even hit theaters but the hype behind the movie is off the charts right now. In addition to the runtime, the Russo Brothers also revealed that Disney has never put any restrictions on the Marvel movies as far as the runtime is concerned. Anthony Russo said, "To their credit, we have never gotten a time mandate from (Disney)."

The Russo Brothers still have about a year to complete the post-production process for Avengers 4, which is a good thing since they're out promoting Infinity War at the moment. The directors have taken on a huge challenge taking on the two movies that will end the MCU as we know it today. Though the first of the two movies has yet to be released in theaters, it already seems like the gamble has already paid off. You can check out the rest of the interview with the Russo Brothers talking about Infinity War and Avengers 4 over at Collider.

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