Chris Evans has revealed that his goodbye message to Marvel Studios wasn't exactly what it seemed to be. The Russo Brothers recently announced that the reshoots on Avengers 4 have officially wrapped, but Chris Evans finished filming back at the beginning of the month. The actor posted a thank you to all of the cast, crew, and fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which many assumed to be a goodbye message as well. However, Evans says that isn't exactly the case.

Avengers 4 is going to close out Phase 3 of the MCU, and it is believed that some actors, including Chris Evans, will retire after the film's completion. Evans has talked about leaving for a while and even extended his contract so that he could be a part of the last Avengers movie, so when he made his initial statement, fans understood, but they were still bummed out. Evans appeared at Ace Comic Con over the weekend and discussed his goodbye tweet. He had this to say.

"I should clarify that I know I did tweet something that made a lot of people think that it was in some way a spoiler. I should clarify that regardless of how Avengers 4 ends, I would have tweeted the exact same thing. That last day of filming was a very emotional day, and it was the culmination of almost 10 years of filming and 22 movies, this unbelievable tapestry."

Chris Evans has been with the MCU for eight years and has a second family after taking on the role of Captain America. Evans and the rest of the cast and crew seem like they genuinely enjoy each other's company, which is pretty rare for such a massive cast, so one can easily understand why they would be emotional about watching certain chapters come to an end. Evans went on to clarify his tweet. He explains.

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"You feel a lot more emotions than I think even I thought I'd feel. And I felt it was appropriate to share the gratitude. I know it had a ripple effect but I am neither confirming or denying anything."

Avengers 4 is a giant mystery to fans of the MCU and Marvel Studios is doing an amazing job keeping everything under wraps. However, in the absence of official news, fan theories have been running rampant, taking every little tweet or image and conducting extensive research to find hidden meanings. While we won't know how some of these theories pan out until next year, there have been some pretty logical ideas presented, especially pertaining to the exits of Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr.

Both Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans have expressed how they feel about leaving the party before they get kicked out, which has led to a lot of speculation as to how they will exit the MCU. There are theories about the death of Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, which have gone as far back as before Infinity War. Many fans were under the assumption that one, or both, of those characters were going to die in the last film, only for Marvel Studios to flip the script. At this point, it's all a mystery, and Evans isn't exactly saying that his last message was a firm goodbye, which offers a little glimpse of some hope for the upcoming Phase 4. This information was first reported by ComicBook.

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