A clever Marvel Cinematic Universe fan has decoded Mark Ruffalo's Avengers 4 title. The Hulk/Bruce Banner actor appeared on The Tonight Show to promote the My First Time voting campaign on Friday evening. However, Ruffalo trolled MCU fans hard by implying that he let some major Avengers 4 spoilers out in an effort to get people to tune in. Right when he was about to reveal the title for the movie, the producers placed a long bleep, blocking what he said and angering many hardcore fans in the process.

Using the Audition software, Anton Volkov removed the bleep utilizing a spectrogram editor and reveals that Mark Ruffalo said, "The Last Avenger." You can clearly hear the actor say those three words in Volkov's video. Ruffalo probably doesn't even know the real title of Avengers 4 and was more than likely taking inspiration from Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi for his elaborate scheme to urge people to go out and vote for the midterm elections coming up next month. "The Last Avenger" does kind of have a cool ring to it, but we're going to say that Ruffalo was messing around.

Last week, another interesting title for Avengers 4 started making the rounds. Avengers: Annihilation has caught the attention of many MCU fans who believe that it could be the official title. Avengers: Eternity War is another title that has come up and seemed plausible as well. The Russo Brothers are keeping the lid on the title for the time being, but we will probably end up getting it and the first teaser trailer before the end of the year. The Captain Marvel trailer was just released, so we're not going to see anything new from Marvel Studios for a few weeks, at least.

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Mark Ruffalo isn't the most trustworthy guy in the Avengers crew when it comes to Marvel Studios secrets. He spoiled the ending of Infinity War an entire year before it was released, which resulted in a very nervous Don Cheadle shooting him some daggers. The actor also livestreamed the first 25 minutes of Thor: Ragnarok's audio after he forgot to turn his phone off. It seems that Ruffalo is well aware of his reputation, which he is now using to his advantage.

Even if you don't agree with what Mark Ruffalo did, it was still a pretty awesome way to get people to watch The Tonight Show and promote his cause. However, will he ever be able to gain back the trust of the MCU fans from all over the world that he expertly trolled? Ruffalo is going to have to go pretty big to redeem himself. For now, you can check out the awesome detective work of one MCU super fan determined to learn what Ruffalo's Avengers 4 title really was. You can watch the video of the audio editing below, thanks to Anton Volkov's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick