After months of waiting and endless speculation, it has finally been revealed that Avengers 4 is officially titled Avengers: Endgame. The big announcement came as part of the big trailer launch that arrived early this morning.

Endgame was actually one of the very first title theories floated, and with good reason. There comes a moment towards the end of Infinity War when Doctor Strange actually says the title out loud. He has used the Time Stone to see all possible outcomes for the fight against Thanos. The Avengers lose every single fight except one. Strange then tells Tony Stark, 'We're in the Endgame now.'

The title also works in that this is the final Marvel superhero adventure in Phase 3, and it brings closure to the past 10 years of the MCU in a big way. Not everyone is expected to survive, with Tony Stark at the top of the death list. It's expected that Captain America's time may have also come to an end.

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While there were plenty of Avengers 4 titles being thrown around, Endgame was right there in front of our faces this entire time. Though, Marvel did a pretty swank job of trolling everyone. Back in June of this year, a couple of months after Infinity War arrived in theaters to universal praise, it was cinematographer Trent Opaloch who let the cat out of the bag 6 months early.

Opaloch's own website listed his credits, and there it was revealed that Avengers 4 wold eventually be called Endgame. Shortly after this was discovered by fans, the credit mysteriously disappeared from the site, though nothing ever truly disappears from the Internet. Kevin Feige has stated in the recent past that the title had become too hyped up, which was bound to happen with the Marvel fan base. And some disappointment is sure to follow.

So, Avengers: Endgame has been there amongst us all along. Many Marvel hopefuls never gave up believing that this would be the true title for the movie. And in the new trailer released today, it looks like our heroes are truly at the end of the road. We get to see most of the survivors. Though there is an interesting moment that comes in the middle. Bruce Banner is scrolling through faces on the computer. Scott Lang comes up, followed by Shuri and Peter Parker. He believes Ant-Man is dead. We know Peter died. But what about Shuri? We'd been assured that she had survived Thanos' decimation. Is she still alive, or is it Memorex?

From the looks of the first Endgame trailer, Hawkeye and Ant-Man actually play key roles in what will eventually bring Thanos to justice. The end of the trailer shows off the glorious new title. It also reveals that the movie is coming out in April. It is set for April 26 in the United Kingdom and other places in the world, with the States getting it May 3, 2019. Is this telling us that everyone gets it in April? As it is the worldwide trailer reveal. We're not quite sure on that note.

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