Speculation has been swirling for months in regard to the official title of Avengers 4, and a new fan theory has proven to be the best idea so far. The highly anticipated first trailer for Captain Marvel was finally released earlier this month, which has now put the attention back on the fourth Avengers film and its title. The Russo Brothers and Marvel Boss Kevin Feige revealed that it would be a while before the Avengers 4 title was released over the summer, but it seems that an announcement is imminent.

Reddit user TMKTanner recently shared his idea for the Avengers 4 theory and it makes a lot of sense. His title has been spotted before, but he lays the groundwork and explains it better than what has been seen in the past. Since Infinity War dealt with all corners of space, which never ends, leading to infinity, we could be looking at something else that deals with the forever idea. We've seen quite a bit of evidence of time travel and the Quantum Realm, which leads one to believe that the title is Eternity War. Eternity represents all of time, making for a nice pair with infinity.

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The Russo Brothers already indicated that the Avengers 4 title was not uttered in Infinity War, so that automatically takes out End Game, since Doctor Strange says those words towards the conclusion of the film. Avengers: Forever was another title, which Eternity War fits in nice with, and the Russo Brothers have admitted that fans have gotten close. Even if Eternity War ends up not being the official title, it's by far the best idea that has been floated since the guessing game started up earlier this year.

Adding to the mystery, Eternity War could even be a cool way of introducing The Eternals to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well, which is planned for Phase 4, after Avengers 4 closes out Phase 3. We've got Captain Marvel on the way and then Spider-Man: Far From Home will be the first official project in Phase 4. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 was originally going to show up soon after, but the movie is now on hold indefinitely after the firing of James Gunn.

The Captain Marvel trailer was just released, so it seems likely that Marvel Studios will wait a bit before giving out the Avengers 4 title, in order to let the Carol Danvers standalone film have it's time in the spotlight. With that being said, the proper title will probably be released before the end of the year, which may or may not include the first teaser trailer as well. There's a lot to get excited about for MCU fans who are about to have a massive 2019. However, there's still a bit of a wait before we learn anything official. You can check out the Eternity War theory over at Reddit.