Now that the first trailer for Captain Marvel has been released, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are patiently waiting to get the official title for Avengers 4. The Russo Brothers are fully aware that all eyes are back on them for the moment and took full advantage of that fact this morning by posting a cryptic picture from the set of the film, instructing MCU fans to "Look hard..." Obviously, that's what fans have started to do, but does the picture actually contain clues for the Avengers 4 title?

The Russo Brothers shared an image from the Atlanta set of Avengers 4 with Joe Russo hard at work. Russo is on his laptop surrounded by a bunch of items that don't look out of place for the set of a major motion picture. A ladder is shown in the black and white photo, along with an easel that more than likely has storyboards on it, a cooler, and other items are featured in the image that the directors want MCU fans to take a closer look at.

So far, the general consensus is that the Russo Brothers are trolling MCU fans by revealing four hidden "A"s in the picture, which is an obvious nod to Avengers 4. The "A"s are located in the ladder on the right of Joe Russo, in the easel on the left, near the camera on the far left, and towards the top right of the photo. It seems that the directors are having a bit of fun with fans who have been speculating about the official title of the upcoming film since Infinity War was released in April of this year.

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Looking back, it seems highly unlikely that the official title of Avengers 4 would be released the day after the Captain Marvel trailer was unveiled. That hasn't stopped fans from thinking about how Carol Danvers will help out the wounded Avengers in their battle against Thanos in the highly anticipated movie. Marvel Studio boss Kevin Feige says that Danvers is the most powerful hero to hit the big screen in the first ten years of the MCU, and the first trailer certainly gives some hints away, but it's unclear how Brie Larson's Carol Danvers will help out in Avengers 4.

Avengers 4 is currently shooting in Atlanta and it will be the final footage used for the film, according to Mark Ruffalo, who also stated that the actors aren't aware of how Phase 3 of the MCU will end at this point. There's a lot of explaining to do after the conclusion of Infinity War and hardcore fans are desperate for any kind information that they can get that has to do with the sequel. For now, the Russo Brothers have set us up with a set photo to analyze until they offer up any sort of real intel. You can look at the Avengers 4 set photo below, provided by the The Russo Brothers Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick