The Avengers 4 trailer might not reveal the official title. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been waiting for the title ever since the release of Infinity War back in April. At the time, the Russo Brothers revealed that it would be a while before the title was announced because it contained spoilers for the movie that they just released. That little tidbit of knowledge was all that hardcore fans needed to start the guessing game, something that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige noticed. Feige later regretted the statement, saying, "It's gotten entirely out of hand. And now we will have no chance to live up to any expectations of what it's gonna be."

At the time of Infinity War, Kevin Feige believed that the initial comments on the Avengers 4 title "backfired," because they took some of the discussion away from Infinity War. However, that endless speculation that started in April has yet to subside, which means that all of this madness could be playing in the studio's favor now. However, the title might not be revealed by the time that the first trailer is launched and that might bring the expectations even higher. As Feige said, "it's gotten entirely out of hand," and it could get worse.

As with all of the Avengers 4 intel coming out, it has yet to be confirmed by Marvel Studios that the title will not be announced when the first trailer drops. As for when the mythical trailer is actually going to premiere, that's a whole other story. Kevin Feige has said that it will arrive before the end of the year, which led to an incredible amount of speculation about a date at the end of November to repeat what the studio did with Infinity War last year. Obviously, that day came and went.

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Since the end of November, we've heard all kinds of dates that have now come and gone for the Avengers 4 trailer to debut. Now, the fan and "insider" consensus is that it will drop tomorrow, December 7th on Good Morning America. Again, this has not been confirmed by Marvel Studios, so don't hold your breath. With that being said, Brazil Comic-Con is happening, so it could be a good time to release it, though at this point, the studio really doesn't have to do any promotion.

If the Avengers 4 trailer does end up premiering tomorrow, we'll know soon enough if the official title will be revealed, but for now, some sources indicate that it won't be unveiled, which could cause some hardcore fans to go a little insane. And while the hype will always be bigger than the title and trailer, it's all in good fun. Fans all over the world are hungry for the same information, sharing a moment together that is mostly made up of positivity. The wait may be getting longer, but at least it's for something fun. The Avengers 4 title news was first reported by Steven Weintraub's Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick