Brace yourselves: we may very well be seeing the first trailer for Avengers 4 tomorrow. Fans have been dying to see what is next for the remaining heroes following the conclusion of Infinity War, which saw Thanos successfully "balance" the universe. Or, to put it another way, kill half of literally everything in the universe. Marvel has kept a tight lid on things for the follow-up, but with the release date creeping ever closer, they've got to start letting the cat out of the bag and several pieces of evidence point to that happening very, very soon.

We've heard various rumors about the trailer's alleged arrival date in recent weeks, but there's reason to believe tomorrow could really be the day. The first bit of evidence, and probably the most compelling, is that Collider is hosting a screening of Infinity War in Los Angeles tomorrow, followed by a Q&A with directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, who are also behind the camera for Avengers 4. Many are speculating that the trailer will debut during the screening and, with any luck, will be released online at the same time or shortly thereafter. At the very least, this seems like the perfect time to announce the movie's official title.

That leads us to another point, one which has been touched on previously. The official Avengers 4 prelude comic is set to hit shelves on December 5. It's highly unlikely that Marvel will let that book hit stands before the teaser trailer is released. Again, at the bare minimum, we should have an official title revealed by then, since the comic will be published with the movie's actual title. So, perhaps a title reveal at the screening tomorrow night with a trailer dropping not long after? A scenario such as that would seem to be the worst case scenario for Marvel fans at this point.

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Lastly, the Infinity War trailer originally debuted online, after first being showcased at SDCC and D23, on Wednesday, November 29, 2017. Should the Avengers 4 trailer arrive tomorrow, as has been speculated, it would be on Wednesday, November 28, nearly a year to the day later. Any one of these bits of evidence on their own may not be terribly convincing, but when laid out all together like this, it's hard not to think this could really be happening. Plus, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige did promise that the trailer would be arriving before the end of the year. And he tends to be a man of his word.

Disney, meanwhile, has been incredibly busy dropping big trailers as of late, having recently revealed a new live-action Dumbo trailer, the first teaser for The Lion King remake on Thanksgiving and Artemis Fowl earlier today. Dropping the Avengers 4 trailer tomorrow would cap a pretty incredible couple of weeks for the studio, previewing the massive year ahead of them at the box office. Fingers crossed this comes to pass and, if it does, we'll be sure to bring the trailer your way as soon as it's made available. Avengers 4 is set to hit theaters on May 3, 2019. This was previously reported by Comic Book Resources.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott