Disneyland California Adventure's Avengers Campus will act as if Thanos' mighty snap never happened. The Walt Disney Company and Marvel Studios partnered on the new area of the popular theme park, which will allow Marvel Cinematic Universe fans to be immersed into the world of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. The new addition joins the Guardians of the Galaxy ride, which has been open since 2017. The Avengers Campus is still scheduled to open in July.

The Avengers Campus details have been coming out slowly over the past few months, but the more information that comes out, the more MCU fans seem to get excited. In a recent interview, Dan Fields, Executive Creative Director of Disney Parks Live Entertainment gave some more information about what fans can expect when the new area of California Adventure opens up. He had this to say.

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"So the Avengers and all of us, the guests, we're recruits. We're here to just have eyes on the prize there. I think that you'll find that these events are really happening. It's really happening. This campus exists in the real world, and therefore, those heroes are here and keep an eye on us, keep us all safe. There's no apocalyptic snap happening in this campus."

While Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge has Kylo Ren and the First Order patrolling, it does not seem like the Avengers Campus will have as much darkness surrounding it. This may not be exactly what MCU fans were hoping for, but Dan Fields has a good reasoning behind it. Taking Thanos' snap out of the equation sounds like it may have been for the best. Fields explains.

"As I mentioned, there's no snap. What I mean by that is we want there to be some conflict, but we don't want anyone to feel that there's an apocalyptic threat to the end of humanity. Our friends in the studio do a great job with that. So we want the conflict to be a little more accessible to the daily guests here."

Avengers Campus is going to offer MCU fans a chance to become one of Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Parkgoers will enter the Worldwide Engineering Brigade, aka WEB, which is where Spider-Man will be hanging out. The main attraction at this particular location is Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, and it offers a 3-D immersive experience. From there, other heroes will be wandering around and there's a Doctor Strange area too. Obviously, since this is Disneyland, there will also be some dining areas with Avengers themes.

The Avengers Campus is scheduled to open on July 18th. However, it is unclear if Disneyland and Disney World will even be open by then. Both parks have been shut down to the public since March 14th and there currently is no official date set to when the doors will open again. Disneyland and California Adventure are accepting reservations for June 1st, but it has not been confirmed if they will be allowed to open by then, which means the Avengers Campus could very well be delayed. The interview with Dan Fields was originally conducted by Comic Book.