The Avengers are responsible for a lot of civilian deaths. And they've cost multiple countries quite a bit of money. Perhaps once you see the numbers you will side with Team Iron Man and support the Sokovia Accords, which makes these Marvel superheroes accountable for their actions. The latest Captain America: Civil War trailer dropped today. And while most fans are championing the arrival of Spider-Man, there is a very cool Easter egg in this footage that tells us just how many innocent lives were lost in past Avengers battles, and how much they've racked up in cleanup bills.

Both DC Comics and Marvel seem to be holding their superheroes accountable for past damages. In Man of Steel, Superman and Zod leveled Metropolis, and Kal-El is being brought up on charges for all the wrongful deaths his scuffle with the villain caused. We don't have an exact number to report, but the wreckage caused in the prequel to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice can't hold a candle to what's happened in the MCU. Captain America: Civil War is taking a similar story route this summer, and the latest sneak peek gives us some good solid numbers that prove Marvel has the upper hand when it comes to leveling cities and destorying their population.

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In 2012's Marvel's The Avengers, this united team of crime fights went up against the Chitauri aliens as they invaded New York City, home of Stark Tower. This battle, which stretched across quite a few streets, cost NYC $18.8 billion in damages. It also claimed the lives of 74 bystanders. That's quite a bit of blood on Cap and Iron Man's hands. The question one must ask is, would the death toll have been higher had they not been there to stop the marauding extraterrestrials?

The destruction seen on screen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier wasn't quite so substantial. When Captain America, Falcon and Black Widow took down the Helicarriers of the HYRDA-infested S.H.I.E.L.D. organization, they only cause 23 deaths. And the damage bill was a low $2.8 billion. The team was able to keep their superheroing costs down this outing.

It's the damage done in Avengers: Age of Ultron that really set this group back. And it's there actions in this sequel that have spurred the government to strike up the Sokovia Accords. The heroes aren't so heroic this time around, having killed 177 locals in the fictional town of Sokovia, where they caused a staggering $487 billion in damages, putting quite a few people out of their homes and demolishing an untold amount of personal, irreplaceable heirlooms. But that's what happens when a big portion of the city falls out of the sky!

In the trailer, we see that Captain America is clearly distraught about all the death and destruction he and his teammates have caused. But as he tells Tony Stark, if he sees a problem, he's not going to stand idly by and wait for the governments of the world to make a decision. And that's clearly where this rift in their relationship starts. We'll have to wait until Captain America: Civil War hits theaters this summer to see how many more innocent lives these superheroes claim. And there's no telling how big of a repair bill they will rack up this time. After seeings some of these stats, who's side are you on now? #TeamCap or #TeamIronMan? Sound off in the comments below.

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