A new YouTube video has compiled an epic list of every Avengers star's death in a horror movie before they joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe and rocketed into the stratosphere. The nearly 6-minute video is a violent collage of all of our beloved Marvel characters getting brutally killed in some really well-known horror movies, as well as some lesser-known (and pretty cheesy) Drive-In flicks. While not horror movies, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 are going to have some pretty major fatalities, so this list might get an epic, superhero-sized makeover in the next few years.

The video starts with the man who started it all: Robert Downey Jr., the man behind Mr. Tony Stark, aka, Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. is seen in 1994's incredibly violent Natural Born Killers getting gunned down, execution style, by Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis. It's an overly dramatic, but fitting clip to start this compilation. Next up is Mark Ruffalo, long before his Bruce Banner and Hulk days, getting a good knife to the gut and then getting some kind of animated death at the hands of an animated demon in 1994's Mirror Mirror 2: Raven Dance.

James Spader gets gunned down by Michelle Pfeiffer in 1994's Wolf and even gets a bonus clip of a brutal death in 1985's The New Kid, which is a far cry from the villainous Ultron. Next on the list is another villain, but not just any villain. Thanos is the big bad and Josh Brolin is the man behind the motion capture magic and we see the actor die a pretty peaceful (if you don't think about what's actually happening to him...) death in 1997's Mimic. Samuel L. Jackson never does anything half-assed and before he was Nick Fury, he got to die in quite possibly the best way in 1999's Deep Blue Sea when a great white shark breaches and eats him from behind.

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Scarlett Johansson is better known as Black Widow today, but ironically back in 2002 she was webbed by a giant spider in Eight Legged Freaks (though she doesn't actually technically die). Jeremy Renner is up next in 2007's 28 Weeks Later where he dies looking more like the Human Torch as opposed to Hawkeye and a lot of people remember Renner in that movie as getting the short end of the stick and particularly that scene in the zombie classic. Next up is Chris Evans, the man behind Captain America wearing some awesome sandals and getting cut in half in 2007's Sunshine. The acting clearly rivals Robert Downey Jr.'s dramatic death in Natural Born Killers.

Chris Hemsworth technically died in 2012's Cabin in the Woods while he was Thor, so this clip must have just been added as an honorable mention. Or the clip was added because it's hilarious, it's hard to tell, but watching Hemsworth bro out and take a dirt bike off of a sweet jump into an electronic invisible wall is pretty amazing and deserves repeat viewings. Regardless, you should check out all of these clips below, courtesy of Films Against Humanity's YouTube channel.

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