A thief in Denver made away with some very valuable comic books in a recent burglary. The individual hasn't been apprehended by authorities yet, but the person seemed to know what they were doing and this wasn't just a random act of thievery. This unidentified suspect stole approximately $42,000 worth of comic books, including a copy of The Avengers #1, which is certainly up there in terms of valuable comics.

The crime occurred at the famous Mile High Comics in Denver, Colorado. Security footage captured the individual in the act, who can be seen grabbing 14 books from the shelves, clearly not at random. The criminal cut themselves during the robbery and can be seen on tape trying to clean up the blood with toilet bowl cleaner. William Moulton of Mile High Comics had this to say.

"Whoever did it knew what they were going for... (The burglar) stole 14 different books totaling a little over $42,000... Avengers was the one that was worth $12 to $14,000... From what the police told us he didn't bandage the wound so he was bleeding while he was doing this."

Authorities haven't named any suspects in the case. Given that the majority of the books taken from the store are relatively rare and distinct, if this criminal tries to sell the Comic books online, it may make them easier to track. In a Facebook post following the incident, Mile High Comics shared a couple of images from the crime scene, as well as a list of the key books and items the thief made off with.

"Sorry for the Late Opening today! We had a break in this morning and had to keep the store closed until the crime scene guys finished collecting evidence. We are opened now! The main books that were stolen are: New Mutants #98 NM, Atom #1 VG, Amazing Adventures #4 VG, Avengers #1 GD, Tales to Astonish #54 FI, Iron Man #1 FI, Spider-Man #129 NM (Signed by Conway), Thor #109 FI, Fantastic Four #52 VG, Justice League of America #1 Fi, All-Star Comics #18 VG, Batman #103 GD, Batman #123 VG, Original Superman Fan Club Letter. If you have any information on these missing books please let us know! Thank you, Mile High Comics."

Given how popular The Avengers have become over the last decade or so, that book, specifically, is highly valuable. The Spider-Man comic book though, given that it was signed by author Gerry Conway, may be the most distinct of the bunch. The Superman Fan Club letter is also quite distinct. Anyone with information that could prove helpful has been asked to contact the Denver Police at (720) 913-2000. We've included the Facebook post, as well as a still from the security footage below. This news was previously reported by The Denver Channel.

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Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott