Sneakerheads and Marvel fans need apply here. Adidas has revealed a brand new sneaker in honor of the release of Avengers: Endgame. The shoes are modeled in the image of the big, purple Mad Titan himself, Thanos. This Marvel footwear is the latest collaboration between the shoe company and artist Jen Bartel. Those who are feeling amped up after seeing the latest entry in the MCU this weekend may want to see what they can do about getting their hands on these asap.

The shoes were revealed by Jen Bartel on Twitter. They perfectly encapsulate the look of Thanos, with his signature purple all along the top, front and down the sides. His gold armor plating is represented on the back of the shoe and near the back of the sides. The most impressive and fun detail is on the heel, which features all six of the Infinity Stones, Space, Mind, Reality, Soul, Time and Power. Here's what Bartel had to say about the shoes in her post on Twitter.

"Adidas x Jen Bartel: Thanos Dropping this Friday 4/26 at 10 am EST on Limited quantities will also be available at Flagship Foot Locker locations in NYC and LA (Times Square, Herald Square, Hollywood & Highland.) Sizes 6-13, Perfectly Balanced."

Those interested in acquiring these sneakers will likely need to be on top of it. For one, it's noted that the quantities at the actual store locations, for anyone who actually lives in New York City or Los Angeles, will be limited. And they're probably going to sell out quickly. While it isn't known just yet how much stock Adidas will be making available through Footlocker's website, it's expected that quantities will also be limited.

Point being, these could be harder to get one's hands on than the actual Infinity Stones in just a few short days. Another important item of note; it isn't yet clear how much these Thanos inspired shoes are going to cost. Just don't expect them to be a bargain. This marks the second collaboration this year between Jen Bartel, Marvel and Adidas. The artist also designed a pair of shoes to honor the release of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel on International Women's Day last month. Those shoes retailed for $150 upon release. Though, pairs are now selling online elsewhere for around $240.

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This serves as just one more reminded Avengers: Endgame is finally upon us. The movie, which is directed by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo, serves as the follow-up to last year's Infinity War and rolls out in U.S. theaters this weekend. It's expected to not just break, but shatter box office records all around the globe. So, needless to say, this won't be the only tie-in piece of merchandise to go along with the movie's release, not by a long shot. But these sneakers may be the most fashionable of the bunch. Be sure to check out the shoes from Jen Bartel's Twitter below.

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