Marvel is getting ready to release an Avengers: Endgame magazine filled with interviews and never-before-seen images. The cover, though a bit grainy, is truly something special for fans that have been waiting for a new official look at Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Carol Danvers with the team. Plus, it offers some spoilers. It's believed that the magazine dedicated to the upcoming final movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 3 will hit newsstands after Captain Marvel opens in theaters and well before the release of Endgame. Warning, there are BIG SPOILERS for the Captain Marvel Post-credit scenes so move ahead with extreme caution.

The Endgame magazine features Carol Danvers in what appears the to be the same armor that she was shown wearing during the Captain Marvel mid-credit scene, which ties together how she will meet up with the Avengers after the Decimation. That new suit looks epic and we can't wait to see Danvers use her powers when going up against Thanos. Iron Man is also featured in the artwork, front and center, leading one to believe that Tony Stark is going to have a pretty big role in finishing this business. This is quite different from what the marketing material wants us to believe at this point in time.

Captain America is back to being clean-shaven and has his old helmet from the past installments and he is pictured just below Iron Man. Out of all the characters shown on the poster, it only appears that Hulk, who is back from hiding in Infinity War, and Rocket Raccoon are in different suits. Hulk's looks like the often-talked about Quantum Realm suit, while Rocket's is hard to make out, though he does have goggles and it does look similar to what was shown in the last Endgame teaser, which is believed to be the classic suit from the comics.

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Black Widow is shown with a different hair style that is back to the red color. Nebula is shown in what looks like a different armor too, but the image is a little too grainy to really make it out. The same can be said for Ant-Man and War Machine, who look a little too small to show any real details on their suits. Hawkeye is in his normal attire and not shown as Ronin, though we do know that Ronin will be included in Endgame when the movie hits theaters.

As to how Carol Danvers meets up with the Avengers, that is explained in the mid-credit scene for Captain Marvel, which may further explain the recently leaked description of the Endgame footage that was shown to Disney shareholders earlier today. Danvers is reportedly seen with the rest of the crew at a table as she declares that they go hunt down Thanos and retrieve the Infinity Stones to reverse the Decimation. The movie is close to hitting theaters, so it might be best for MCU fans looking to go in spoiler-free to avoid looking at certain social media sites that have been known to spoil things just for fun. You can head over to Reddit to see the leaked Endgame magazine.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick