We did it, Marvel fans! The wait is finally over and Avengers: Endgame is here. Everyone now has the chance to head to a movie theater this weekend and see how the cliffhanger from Infinity War, and really this entire 22-movie arc, wraps up. And many already have. But for those that haven't and are worried about when to take a much-needed bathroom break, given that the movie is three hours in length, we're here to help, without spoiling anything major. It's a fine line to walk, but we'll do our best. That said, there will be some SPOILERS ahead.

That having been said, for those who want to go in totally clean and just guesstimate, turn back now. We will have to describe, in at least vague terms, what will be happening on screen in order to explain when to head to the bathroom. Last chance to turn away before we dig in.

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I'll start out by saying there aren't any great times to leave. Avengers: Endgame really does earn its 3 hours and 2 minutes runtime. That said, if one wants to go early in the movie, there is a scene that happens somewhat early on where Tony and Nebula, who are stuck in space following the first encounter with Thanos, are in need of some help. The trailers have already shown us that help does arrive in some form or another and, after that help does arrive, there is a little break in major plot development. There are some very great emotional beats that will be missed though. Nothing is ideal.

Next up is after another very crucial scene. Again, doing our very best not to spoil anything, but it's right after the first encounter with Thanos. We know the Mad Titan is back and right after the first significant scene with him, there is a little break. Right after the cutscene where some crucial information flashes on the screen, make a run for it. Similarly, there will be an emotional beat missed, and something lowkey important, but in terms of the overall movie, it's small fish.

My personal, number one recommendation is during a scene with Tony Stark. Right after he figures out how to make a crucial thing happen in the comfort of his home (it will make sense in the movie), run like the wind. He then has a conversation with Pepper Potts that is certainly worth including in the movie, though it won't necessarily damage the overall viewing experience by missing it.

If it's getting a little later in the movie and one really has to go, things get more tricky. However, there is a scene that takes place after something significant happens with Nebula. There is, let's say a big problem with her. Again, this should make sense in the context of the movie. After that's discovered, there is a scene between Thor and Rocket that can be missed. Like everything else, emotional stuff will be sacrificed for the sake of relieving one's bladder.

There is really only one more time I would even sort of recommend leaving the theater before things start to wrap up. This one is particularly problematic but it's best to go now rather than try and do it during the very grand finale. Nebula pulls a bait and switch of some kind. It will make sense when watching. After that switch, go for it, as quick as humanly possible. Upon return, there will be a scene with Hawkeye and Black Widow unfolding that nobody wants to miss too much of. There is, however, a small window in there to make it work. And that's about it! Beyond that, try and take it all in, because there is a lot to process. Marvel's Avengers: Endgame is in theaters now.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott