A former NASA engineer created the world's best holiday package theft device and Chris Evans loves it. The Avengers: Endgame star shared a story about Mark Rober's sweet revenge prank and spoke out against people stealing packages from doorsteps. It's the Christmas season, which means that Amazon is working overtime to get everybody's packages on time for the big event. Unfortunately, this also means that those familiar boxes start piling up on doorsteps, which thieves target and steal.

Mark Rober helped engineer technology that is currently sitting up on Mars, so he knows a thing or two about creating cutting edge devices. After having a package stolen from his porch, he decided that he wanted to create a device that would ruin a potential thief's day, so he got to work on one of the best revenge pranks ever recorded, which Chris Evans shared with all of his followers. The Avengers: Endgame star had this to say about the video and people who steal packages.

"I love everything about this. Also, people who steal packages are absolute garbage."

Mark Rober used an Apple Home Pod box to make his ultimate revenge on thieves who steal packages. The item is pricey and Rober kept it in the original box, so that people would know exactly what they were stealing. Instead of the Home Pod, thieves actually opened up a device that sprayed glitter all over everywhere and triggered fart spray too. The former NASA engineer also included 4 cellphones with GPS that recorded the situations and uploaded them to the cloud. Rober was able to pull the stunt off multiple times and the results are hilarious and a bit sad.

Perhaps the best thing about Mark Rober's package theft device is the attention to detail, and we're not talking about the addition of the fart spray. Rober had the package addressed to Harry and Marv from Kevin McCallister from Home Alone, making for one of the best booby traps ever created. If potential thieves took one second to read the label, they would know that something was up, if they had watched Home Alone before. At this point, who hasn't seen Home Alone?

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Mark Rober's video has gone viral and amassed 26.1 million views in just two days. Chris Evans loves it, and sure do a lot of people who have had packages stolen from the front of their house or apartment over the years. It's not clear if Rober was able to retrieve the revenge box after the last set up, since the man who stole it didn't really seem to mind the smell of fart spray in his room as he vacuumed up all of the rainbow glitter from his bed and floor. Hopefully this video will serve as a deterrent from anyone thinking about going and stealing packages this holiday season. You can check out the reaction and the video below, thanks to Chris Evans' Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick