Avengers: Endgame was the most hyped movie of 2019. So chockful of characters, storylines and easter eggs was the film that it is still being endlessly dissected. Kevin Smith, a filmmaker who is also an enthusiastic pop culture reviewer, particularly relating to comic book culture, recently revealed on his Youtube channel a major scene that was filmed for Avengers: Infinity War but ultimately scrapped.

"There's footage or a photo of Robert Downey Jr wearing the cape that came out long before Infinity War came out, so we know they shot it. We know personally that they shot it because when the writers came and spoke to us at the house before they left they were like 'You wanna see something?'
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And they pulled out the phone and literally showed us, not just a drawing cause that's what's going around the internet is there's a drawing and it looks badass, but they showed us f***in Sherlock in the Iron Man f***in suit man. Like wearing the suit, with Tony standing next to him wearing the cape, and we were like 'WHAT THE F***,' and they were like 'We can't say, never talk about it.' Then it's out in the world and I'm like 'We saw that photo!' It looked badass."

Just imagine it. Tony Stark, the man of science and reason, wearing the cloak of the Master of the Mystic Arts, while Doctor Strange, the former surgeon who gave up a career in medical science to become the Sorcerer Supreme, donning the Iron Man armor.

The scene in question would have likely taken place on Ebony Maw's spaceship where he was holding Doctor Strange prisoner. Iron Man and Spider-Man snuck onto the ship to rescue Strange, managing to blast the incredibly powerful Ebony Maw into space before he had time to counter their plan.

It is unclear at what point during the sequence Iron Man and Strange were supposed to switch costumes, or how that was supposed to aid them in their fight against Ebony Maw. Perhaps the scene was scrapped precisely because it did not fit well into the narrative, despite how epic the sight of the two heroes wearing each other's costumes would have been for fans to witness.

The Iron Man armor has actually been worn by other major characters. Pepper Potts was fitted out in the armor by Tony during the attack on his house by the Mandarin. She also wore a version of the suit during the final battle against Thanos. Bruce Banner also wore the Hulkbuster suit when his inner hulk refused to come out to face Thanos's army in Wakanda.

With the upcoming Doctor Strange film introducing the multiverse to the MCU, which carries many alternate versions of familiar characters, fans may very well get to see a version of Stephen Strange who became Iron Man, or a Tony Stark who became the Sorcerer Supreme. Or just have Disney give in entirely to fan demand and show a brief glimpse of Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch chatting together while wearing their respective Sherlock Holmes getup.

Neeraj Chand