Don Cheadle's favorite scene from Avengers: Endgame may come as a surprise to some Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. The War Machine actor had a larger role this time around, getting some memorable scenes with Thor and Captain Marvel. However, when naming his favorite scene, he didn't choose any of those.

Don Cheadle likes to think a little outside the box like Chris Evans did when he chose his favorite Endgame moment. Cheadle decided to go with a scene that has some fun with Paul Rudd's Scott Lang instead.

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The Endgame scene in question finds Nebula landing the Benatar out in front of the Avengers compound while Scott Lang is trying to eat a taco. The thrusts from the space vehicle cause the taco stuffing to fly all over everywhere. Nebula then warns Rhodey that there is an "idiot in the landing zone." If that wasn't enough, Rhodey lands right near Lang and scares the hell out of him. "What's up, regular-sized man?," says Rhodey to a freaked out Lang.

After Scott Lang loses his taco, Hulk comes up and offers him a new one, which was a pretty sweet gesture. Lang tends to get a lot of flak from his fellow Avengers, who don't seem to take him very seriously. However, should a third Ant-Man movie hit theaters, he will undoubtedly have to get some props for starting off the whole time travel idea in the first place. Without him and the use of Hank Pym's tech, there's really no way the team would have been able to pull everything off.

Chris Evans also went for a funnier moment in Endgame when he chose the Captain America vs. Captain America fight, which brought us "America's ass." The fight has come out as a fan-favorite moment in the movie and it was pretty much from the start. However, that wasn't Evans' favorite part. Instead, it was when the 2012 Cap says he can "do this all day," to which current Cap annoyingly says, "Yeah, I know. I know." Going back to the Battle of New York was a cool nod to the first Avengers movie and also provided viewers with a chance to see Loki escape all of the madness.

The Avengers actors are revealing their favorite scenes to promote the fact that Endgame is now out digitally and on Blu-ray. Marvel Cinematic Universe fans can choose which version they would like to own and then go through all of the bonus material included with the movie and then choose their own favorite scene. Since the movie has been out digitally, fans have been going back and finding a ton of Easter Eggs referring to past MCU movies and the original comic book source material after tearing each frame apart. You can check out Don Cheadle's favorite Endgame scene below, thanks to the Marvel Entertainment Instagram account.