A woman in China was hospitalized for uncontrollable sobbing as a result of watching Avengers: Endgame. The latest offering from Marvel Studios has been making box office history while making some other interesting headlines along the way. In another event, which also happened in China, a man was allegedly beat up by an angry mob of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans after he spoiled the movie for them as they were walking up to the theater to see the highly anticipated sequel for the first time. There are NO SPOILERS for Avengers: Endgame below.

An unidentified woman sat down to watch Avengers: Endgame over the weekend and was not ready for the emotional scenes the Russo Brothers peppered into the movie. She went to the emergency room after she reportedly could not stop sobbing which led to her having shortness of breath and having her feet and arms go numb. Doctors learned she was hyperventilating and gave her oxygen. Thankfully, that was all that she needed to be sent on her way. While this is great news, she might shy away from attempting to watch Avengers: Endgame again after this little incident.

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The Russo Brothers put together a pretty dense three-hour and 58-second movie, which does include some pretty heartbreaking scenes. Avengers: Endgame was always going to have an emotional tone due to how Infinity War concluded and the fact that this is the end of an era for the MCU. Chris Pratt recently shared a pretty crazy behind-the-scenes video, which features a lot of the actors and actresses chatting with each other and preparing for a huge battle sequence. The actor was even emotional sharing the video to fans, so would could see why everybody is getting so worked up over Endgame.

As for other reports of crying during Avengers: Endgame, there are too many to count. Men and women have been sobbing all weekend as a result of the movie, with many wanting to go back and see the movie a second time, possibly without tears in their eyes. The Russo Brothers, along with screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have made something that many MCU fans are connecting with, which Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau started back in 2008. To take eleven years-worth of storytelling and wrap it up is an epic feat.

Avengers: Endgame isn't done making people cry just yet. The movie just opened in theaters and it's going to be there for a while as it continues to break box office records, even bringing Captain Marvel back up to number two. Next up for the MCU is Spider-Man: Far From Home, which hits theaters this summer. It is officially the final movie in the MCU's Phase 3 and it will more than likely set up what comes next. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige will give us an update at this summer's San Diego Comic-Con as to what we can expect in the mysterious Phase 4. WF My News2 was the first to report about the uncontrollable sobbing during Endgame.