Marvel has released a brand new featurette for Avengers: Endgame. "Imagine if, for the first time, our heroes all lost," says Robert Downey Jr. at the beginning of this new look at the highly-anticipated follow-up to Infinity war. We don't have to imagine, as that's exactly what happened when last we left our heroes. Those who didn't simply lose the fight were dusted by Thanos after the Mad Titan accomplished his goal of gathering all of the Infinity Stones. That has set the stakes very high for this movie, which will serve as a conclusion to the entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe up to this point.

The featurette recounts the tragic end of Infinity War, while also including various interview clips and splicing in footage from Avengers: Endgame. It's footage we've already seen, but it's presented in a way, with the interviews, that helps present the emotional stakes. Chris Evans speaks in the video about where everyone is at when we pick up with them in the aftermath of Thanos' devastating finger snap.

"Everyone's doing their best to keep their head above water, but it's kind of a losing battle. We lost and we're not used to losing. They've truly leveled us. Not just literally, but morally and emotionally. The good thing is, it's always easier to build people back up after they've been broken down. That's what Marvel is great at doing. It's that shred of hope everyone is looking for."

Scarlett Johansson also appears and says that Black Widow "is a little bit hardened from what she's had to go through." She's seemed particularly angry in the trailers we've seen, but so is everybody. Those who survived don't have much to be happy about.

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Perhaps only Hawkeye seems angrier and, based on a probably true theory going about in regards to his family's fate, he's got good reason to be angry. Clint surely has an arrow or two with Thanos' name on them. Whether or not they'll do any good remains to be seen. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige also pops in for a moment to talk about the reaction fans had coming out of Infinity War.

"The fans reaction to the end of Infinity War, when half of their favorite characters turned to dust really was indicative of how emotionally connected the world has gotten to these characters."

While there is no new footage to chew on, this is something to help tide fans over. It's clear that Marvel and the Russo brothers are playing this one close to the chest. They're keeping most of the surprises hidden for now. Though, there were some surprises hidden in the recent batch of 32 character posters that were released online. We've also included a one-sheet below, which unites all of those posters together, which is divided between those who survived an those who didn't. Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26. Be sure to check out the new featurette from the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel below.

Avengers Endgame Character Posters

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