Avengers: Endgame will mark the end of the road for the Russo Brothers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At least for now. Joe and Anthony Russo are going to take a well-deserved break from the superhero genre for a bit and don't have any further plans to work with Marvel Studios at this time, though that could change in the future. The directing duo have been dedicating a huge chunk of their lives for the past five years to the MCU, beginning with Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

When asked about coming back for some more MCU madness after Avengers: Endgame, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo believe it's time for a rest. The last two years have been a very busy time for the directors with Infinity War and Endgame, often having overlapping productions and marathon editing sessions with the sporadic reshoots thrown in too. Anthony Russo had this to say about their MCU future.

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"It's our Endgame, at least for now. We don't have any plans for now to make any more Marvel movies... It certainly may come up in the future at some point. We have a wonderful working relationship with (Marvel Studios) and a great passion for what they're doing."

It's hard to see anything past Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home at this point in time, but there could be some room for the Russo Brothers to return in the mysterious MCU Phase 4, which is set to kick off after Far From Home. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige is expected to give a Phase 4 update at this summer's San Diego Comic-Con, but it seems highly unlikely we'll see an announcement involving the Russo Brothers that soon, if at all. For now, things are being left open ended.

While the Russo Brothers are done with MCU for the foreseeable future, they aren't done working with some of the actors involved in those movies. The recently released trailer for 21 Bridges features Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman and the Russos are on board as producers on that particular project. As far as directing is concerned, the brothers are gearing up to begin production this summer with another familiar face. Anthony Russo explains.

"We're going to shift gears and direct a much smaller movie this summer with Tom Holland called Cherry, which is loosely based on a real story about a veteran of the Iraq War, who suffers from PTSD... Gets a heroin addiction and ends up robbing banks to sustain that addiction."

Cherry will certainly be a change of pace for the Russo Brothers and it will see Tom Holland show off a new side of his acting abilities. Since the movie is based on a book, the directors won't have to worry about Holland spoiling anything during an interview while promoting it. For now, Avengers: Endgame is what everybody has on their mind, so enjoy it while you can, because the Russo Brothers could potentially be done with the MCU. You can read the rest of the interview with Joe and Anthony Russo over at Games Radar.