There was a digital watch party organized for Avengers: Endgame recently in which many of the film's cast and crew participated. Ever since then, the directing duo of the Russo Brothers have continued to add little tidbits on social media regarding their experience with the film. The latest video they shared is a reaction of the crowd in a theater to the film's final scene.

The recorded video is taken from the back of the darkened theater, with the audience facing the other way raptly watching the movie unfold. On the big screen, Doctor Strange raises one finger cryptically, indicating to Tony that this is the one in all those 14 million chances that they could actually defeat Thanos for good.

The camera focuses in on Tony, as he realizes the sacrifice he would have to make in order to secure a victory. Meanwhile, Thanos has finally gathered all the stones and powered the infinity gauntlet. Iron Man snaps his fingers, but nothing happens, and a great shout of laughter erupts from the audience.

Then we see that Tony has stolen the stones and secured them to his own armor. He says his most famous line, 'I am Iron Man', and snaps his fingers, causing the crowd to go berserk, whooping and cheering as the video ends.

Avengers: Endgame was filled with such crowd-pleasing moments. In fact, the film is often compared unfavorably to its predecessor, Infinity War, because of its tendency to indulge in one too many fanservice moments, even at the cost of narrative consistency. Possibly the most notorious example is the scene in the final battle where all the female Avengers happen to assemble at the same spot for no reason and have a huge moment fighting together despite most of them never having met each other.

But despite the occasional misses, Engame had more whistle-worthy moments than possibly any MCU movie before it. The shot of Captain America picking up Mjolnir to battle Thanos elicits rapturous applause from fans whenever it airs. Thor finally going for Thanos's head and chopping it off is another great favorite, as is the finale, where all the heroes take a knee in front of Iron Man's fallen body.

Sources close to the studio have indicated that it will be some time before the MCU does another Avengers film, meaning such iconic moments of superheroes interacting with each other will be less prevalent for the next few years. But fans will always have the previous four Avengers films and Captain America: Civil War to fall back on. And Justice League, if you're a DC fan who isn't still waiting for the Snyder cut.