It looks like there is going to be a massive War Machine suit utilized in Avengers: Endgame. A new LEGO set, which is on sale in the U.K., reveals the huge suit along with two mini figures of War Machine and Ant-Man, along with two more Outriders. There have been a bunch of toy leaks from the upcoming movie revealed over the last few weeks and the Russo Brothers warn that 99% of them are not accurate. However, it was around this time last year that the official Infinity War LEGO sets began to leak and they provided some solid info about the movie before it hit theaters.

It's not clear how the War Machine suit got so big, but it is pretty crazy. It looks like the Hulkbuster suit, but it's silver with some red markings, like the original War Machine suit, and it's a lot bigger than the normal Hulkbuster suit. From the images, it looks like War Machine controls the gigantic suit in the chest and head area. Could this be some huge new project that Tony Stark worked up, or is this through some help from Scott Lang?

As Ant-Man and the Wasp proved, Hank Pym was able to shrink entire buildings while Ant-Man was able to grow like he did in Civil War, which might be the technology that is being used on the new War Machine suit. Obviously, we're looking at this LEGO set without any context, so it's tough to be sure. Though, having an Ant-Man mini figure included in the set might be a hint to that happening, especially since we see Rhodey and Scott Lang together in the latest Avengers: Endgame trailer.

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The other LEGO sets and Avengers: Endgame action figures have shown off the Quantum Realm suits for Earth's Mightiest heroes, including Iron Man. It's clear that the mysterious realm and time travel will play a large role in the movie, but it is unclear how it will go down. The team will be working together to reverse Thanos' Decimation and bring back half of the universe, which doesn't sound all that easy. However, with the massive War Machine suit and Captain Marvel on board, our heroes might just have what it takes to bring down the Mad Titan.

In addition to the new War Machine suit, the mini figures for Ant-Man and War Machine are in the Quantum Realm suits. In the latest Avengers: Endgame trailer, they are shown in their classic suits, which is leading to further speculation about that particular scene. Some hardcore Marvel Cinematic Universe fans believe that Carol Danvers is in that brief cut, but that the Russo Brothers had her digitally edited out of the frame. That theory, along with a lot of the theories floating around, have yet to be proven. Marvel Studios is just going to keep us all guessing. You can check out the new War Machine suit below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick